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Zombasite: Orc Schism expansion launches now

zombasite orc schism expansion expansion launches nowin linux mac windows steam gaming

Zombasite: Orc Schism is the first expansion for Linux, Mac, Windows on Steam. Hence the unique zombie apocalypse action RPG set in a dynamic fantasy world. Which now brings new content to RPG gaming.

Also, if you don’t have the base game yet. Zombasite is currently discounted 50%, which is $9.99 USD. Which is available for Linux, Mac and Windows.

Zombasite base game Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Long ago, when a necromancer attempted to raise Elves he thought to be dead, it went very wrong. Instead of raising an army of zombie slaves, a new race was born. The irate Orcs ripped the necromancer to shreds. Dormant necromancer magic has protected Orcs from zombie infection ever since, but the Zombasite, a zombie parasite, is intelligent. It has finally learned to break the defensive magic. The new infection swept through the entire Orc population like wildfire. Again it went very wrong. A war raged within each Orc between the Orc blood, the Zombasite, and the original Elven blood.

When the Orc blood won, a Dark Orc arose. With less Elven influence in their physiology. Dark Orcs’s aggressiveness and strength intensified. and Hence now an expanding it’s terrible savagery.

Zombasite: Orc Schism Features:

  • Play the Bard class (Minstrel, Illusionist, and Sage specialties) (now 333 total class combinations)
  • Control the defense of your town
  • Fight new monsters (Dark Orcs, Mutated, & Zombie Lords)
  • Solve many more quests
  • Defend and explore random towns
  • Explore new area types
  • Fight with and against new clans

When the Elven blood won, the new being became one of the Mutated. The Mutated are a new, unstable Elven/Orc race. The Elven heritage has become the dominate part. So this corruption slowly mutates them over time. Sometimes in good ways and sometimes bad. No one quite understands the Mutated and everyone fears them.

So finally when the Zombasite won. A Zombie Lord was unleashed. Zombie Lords have full access to the strength of the Orcs and intelligence of the Elves. They are the most powerful and feared Zombies in existence. So, how will you continue to survive the Zombasite?

Steam, GOG and the Soldak gaming deal:

Zombasite: Orc Schism is available now on Steam with a 10% discount until December 25th. The expansion is available direct from and GOG. Also, the expansion launches for Linux, Mac and Windows.


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