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Zombiology physics due to get a native port

zombiology physics based puzzle game does have plans for linux and mac with windows pc

Zombiology physics based puzzle game does have plans for Linux and Mac with Windows PC. Thanks to the skilled team at Double Z Games. Due to make its way onto Steam.

Double Z is eager to announce their new microbiology puzzle title, Zombiology. Get ready to become a mad scientist and uncover the secret to immortality in this fun, physics based puzzle title. Dive into hundreds of levels in the micro-cosmos, where you’ll combine simple shapes into complex protein strands due to fix broken bones. While also fending off viruses and reviving cells. It turns out, microbiology is also aiming at a native build.

Zombiology is made in GameMaker.
The latest build I’ve tested runs well in my “roughly windows 10” WINE Bottle without extra settings.
….they plan to export builds to Ubuntu and macOS.

Though we don’t have a native Linux build yet, it’s in the plans. Gamemaker Studio 2 offers some support, but there’s still a stronger focus on Proton. This gives more flexibility for Steam Deck, depending on Double Z’s decision.

Zombiology Trailer

In Zombiology, Double Z needs your help to find the missing genetic code to build essential cellular parts. You’ll be stringing together lively amino building blocks into all kinds of unique shapes. Some are straight rectangles, some are 90-degree turns, others are circles for rotation, or stretchy springs. While combining these shapes, you can create larger structures that fit perfectly into each level to solve the puzzles.

Game Features:

  • 2D Physics Puzzle Fun: String together building blocks into chains to solve each level.
  • Unique Shapes: Each shape in your chain has a special form and function. You’ll work with straight rectangles, 90-degree turns, circles that rotate, and stretchy springs.
  • Creative Solutions: Discover combinations of shapes that “fold” into new forms, unlocking unique Zombiology puzzle solutions.
  • Gritty, Funny, and Cute Zombie Theme: Enjoy the quirky zombie theme as you play with shapes and building mechanics. Feed shapes to a funny monster and watch him poop out a string of crafted shapes!

Tom Galluzzo, Developer at Double Z, shares some cool insights: “The ideas for Zombiology were inspired by the amazing things nature does to create life from DNA. In a way, this is the most popular title on Earth, since our trillions of cells play the same core game loop as Zombiology. I thought, wouldn’t it be fun to play this with a cute, gooey character style like World of Goo, which also inspired us.”

Become a mad scientist and discover the secret to immortality in this physics based puzzle title. Explore hundreds of levels in the micro-cosmos, combining simple shapes into complex protein strands to help mend broken bones, ward off viruses, and revive cells.

So, gear up to join the fun with Zombiology. It’s a quirky and fascinating dive into the tiny world of microbiology, where you’ll have a blast solving puzzles and bringing creatures back to life. Be sure to Wishlist on Steam for Linux, Mac, and Windows PC. The release date is TBD.

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