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Zombo Buster Advance tower defense RTS on hold

zombo buster advance tower defense rts on hold for linux but releases on mac windows pc

Zombo Buster Advance tower defense RTS on hold for Linux, but releases on Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to details from developer FIREBEAST. The game is now live on Steam today.

Zombo Buster Advance is a follow up to the studio previous game, Zombo Buster Rising. The rather cost effect game released back in 2016 with 90% Very Positive reviews. Which has support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.
Likewise, you would expect to have cross platform support. But the studio is putting the native Linux build on hold. Here’s what’s going on:

The game is made with Unity.
Our team is also keen to release Linux build. But there’s a serious issue between Steam API and Ubuntu.
Unfortunately, we have to hold back the Linux version. Until we figure out a proper/alternative solution.

Therefore, this is where things stand. However, since Zombo Buster Advance is developed in Unity 3D. This does allow the game to be played using Proton 5.0-9. At least until the dev’s figure out the Steam API issue.

Zombo Buster Advance Official Trailer

Since FIREBEAST are eager to release Zombo Buster Advance. We have further details about the tower defense game. Which also lets you shoot zombies that takes place inside buildings. This includes interchangeable elevators. So you can deploy, swap and shoot like a boss.

A tower-defense game with swappable towers, unique shooters, powerful gadgets, cunning zombies, upgrades and many more!


  • Lead a team of 12+ anti zombie shooters into the operation.
  • Craft and equip power up badges to your units, create your own super soldiers.
  • Fight against 30+ kinds of zombies and engage in epic boss battles.
  • Make good use of various supportive gadgets in the Zombo Buster Advance war zone. From dynamite to the Kill-with-snap gauntlets!
  • Use your tactics to counter the in-game flow changer such as the escalator, travelators, passages and many others.
  • Forge ahead a total of 50 fun and challenging stages for many hours of playing.
  • Examine your units, enemies, gadgets, and others with the in-game game journal.
  • Complete a series of missions and claim the rewards.
  • As always, a bunch of upgrades!

Zombo Buster Advance tower defense RTS on hold for Linux. But releases today for both Mac and Windows PC. Priced at $4.99 USD.

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