Day of Infamy WW2 shooter officially launches on Steam

day of infamy ww2 shooter officially launches on steam linux gaming news

Welcome to the front line of gaming news, here the full #launch of #WorldWar2 #shooter Day of Infamy. Hence New World Interactive, creators of Insurgency and Insurgency: Sandstorm are proud to announce the official launch out of Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Day of Infamy shooter went live on New World’s Twitch channel. So you can still catch the past broadcast, which features developer interviews and of course gameplay.

Since Day of Infamy started back in late 2015 as a mod for Insurgency. Created by the developers at New World and a members of modding community members. Hence an announcement at the PC Gaming show at E3 2016, Day of Infamy releasing into Early Access in June 2016.

Since New World has worked to stay true to their design established by Insurgency. Shaping Day of Infamy into a unique game that can stand on its own. Since this point, the release has received an very positive 88% review score in the last 30 days.

Day of Infamy Features include:

  • 8 player Cooperative gameplay versus challenging AI opponents in three game modes and two difficulty levels.
  • Up to 32 player Multiplayer gameplay in four wave-based game modes with the Battles playlist. Alternatively, 24 player game modes in three single-life and objective-reinforcement playlist Special Assignment.
  • 10 maps – Ranging from war-torn cities to farm villages, and fortified beachheads to snow-covered forests.
  • Over 70 historical weapons and attachments, whether you’re fighting for the U.S. Army, Commonwealth Forces or the German Wehrmacht.
  • 9 player classes, providing a variety of experiences depending on what the player prefers.
  • Unit system – Unlock historic units as you rank up, which are then playable as in-game characters with new uniforms, headgear, badges, and voices. Ranking up does not provide players with any gameplay advantages, so gameplay balance will always remain purely skill-based.
  • Mod support and Workshop integration providing players with a vast array of community-created content. Built on Valve’s Source Engine, the SDK is one of the most familiar out there. Modders can replace models, textures, sounds and user interfaces in the game, as well as add new maps or total conversions using the game’s theater scripting system. There are already over 480 mods which have been created during the game’s early access phase.

Since the Day of Infamy launch is significant gaming news. Eager players can buy the full release on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC for $19.99 (USD).

Narborion Saga RPG now on Steam and needs Linux upvotes

narborion saga rpg now on steam and needs linux upvotes gaming news

The latest gaming news, independent Developer #LiberPrimus Games launched Narborion Saga on Steam. Hence the epic #darkfantasy #adventure title is now on Steam, but not for Linux, yet. We issued a post last month highlighting the gameplay and what is yet to come in the release. Since we are also asking for your support to see a Linux port for Narborion Saga via Steam Discussions. Developer Dan from Liber Primus even commented on the post. Confirming, with enough community demand, a native port will be available.

Since gameplay brings together an adventurous mix of gamebook style narrative with in-depth branching storylines. While also including tactical combat and rogue-like dungeoneering, hence Narborion Saga. Which brings the RPG story to life with arena battles and PvP combat. Providing an engaging RPG fantasy experience.

“We are keen to release Narborion Saga on Steam. Providing RPG fans with a game that not only combines narrative. Yet does so with rogue-like RPG gameplay”, said Dénes Csiszár, Producer and Co-Founder of Liber Primus Games. “The complexity and replayability of the game should appeal to savvy PC players and RPG fantasy fans. Since each playthrough brings something new to the experience”.

The Narborion Saga for Steam combines three main RPG quests. Where players have the opportunity to develop character abilities. Learning new spells as well as dueling in Player VS Player combat. The gameplay is cut down into small episodes and placed as locations on the game map. To reach the episodes, players move their character on an overland map. As well as on several smaller (swamp, city, and dark forest) maps. Once there’s something to do or discover. Characters leave the map and enter a gamebook-styled narrative section to complete their quest.

Players will command the fate of the story’s hero through dynamic non-linear storytelling and rogue-like dungeon exploration. So the tale begins with a quest to find and rebuild the chapel of a long-forgotten Goddess. Then defeat the Master Vampire, Lord Malbor, agent of the God of Death and Magic. While the second quest, The God of Orcs, players will need to delve deep into the forces of darkness. Uncover a conspiracy of leadership with the mysterious new god of orcs. The third quest, The Swamp of a Thousand Paths tests players even further. Hence an adventure to the Coastless Lake to destroy an ancient Wyrm in search of important artifacts.

Narborion Saga is an impressive RPG game now on Steam. While we do no have official Linux gaming news for the release. So just jump onto the Discussion and upvote Linux.

Aurion 2D adventure RPG to make a native Linux debut soon

aurion 2d adventure rpg to make a native linux debut soon gaming news

Some of the more significant gaming news, Aurion: Legacy of the Kori-Odan is poised to make a Linux and Mac debut, soon. Hence the #epic #adventure #RPG released on Steam back in April of 2016. While gameplay is set in an African Fantasy world using an original and yet open dynamic fighting.

It has been a long wait for the game to make a Linux debut. Hence news has been revealed via Twitter recently:

Since we have reached out to Kiro’o Games, there is not confirmation just yet. Yet we do expect that “soon” will be either be before the end of the month or the beginning of April for Aurion.


Since gameplay follows the story of Enzo Kori-Odan, the prince of Zama. One becomes a victim of a coup d’etat orchestrated by his brother in-law on the day of his coronation and wedding with Erine Evou. So the royal couple gets exiled and makes the makes the choice trek around in search of allies. Hence part of the mission is will be reunite Enzo’s warring legacy. At least in order for him to retrieve the throne.

Beyond retrieving and trying to beyond reclaming their position. Hence this Royal couple will discover the political behavior and the means of human existence that go along with being King and Queen. All while they learn and find answers in order to secure the fate of Zama.

Aurion itself is a mystery, the evidence of an Auriona planet. Since this energy was made available ages ago, manifesting itself in various ways (battle, handicraft, etc) in daily life. Hence those that wield it are Aurionics, harnessing the power into fighting techniques, but only for short bursts.

Aurion Features

  • Epic and strategic Real-Time Fighting, visual evolutive Combos!
  • Gather your Legacy and merge the Aurions to create new ones (21 aurionical transformations available)
  • Powerful duels with immersive fighting dialogues
  • Unique scenario & lots of powerful enemies and bosses

Unfortunately, this bit of gaming news does not have an official launch date for Linux. Since we have reached out to the Aurion developers, we will update this post for the adventure RPG. Stay tuned.

All Walls Must Fall tech-noir tactics launches on Kickstarter

aall walls must fall tech-noir tactics launches on kickstarter linux gaming news

In the latest gaming news, independent developer inbetweengames, announced their Kickstarter #campaign. Hence the tech-noir tactics game All Walls Must Fall. Now live, with the campaign set to run until Wednesday, 19th April. Scheduled for launch on Linux, Mac and Windows PC, All Walls Must Fall combines classic #turnbased #gameplay. While including a heavy emphasis on music, inspired by the likes of X-Com, Syndicate and Rez. With a sleek cyberpunk aesthetic and pulsating electronic soundtrack, inbetweengames have turned to Kickstarter in order to realise their dream. Check out the All Walls Must Fall Kickstarter Page.

“Hey Todd,

Yeah we noticed that Linux users are a passionate bunch so we thought we’ll get them on board right away. 🙂

We’re using Unreal Engine 4 for development of the game, so that’s also where our minimal specs will mostly come from. That being said we do optimize on low-spec machines as well and try to keep the game at an acceptable 30 FPS at minimum on the one we have.

We have a Linux version already and will continue supporting it throughout the closed alpha and later the open alpha on Steam Early Access. “

The initial funding goal of €15,000 will allow the team to run a closed alpha on for Kickstarter backers (May 2017). Followed by an Early Access release on Steam, including Linux support. The team will also add additional stretch goals. Allowing them to deliver additional features and content for All Walls Must Fall. At least once the original crowdfunding target has been met. These range from improved combat, diverse environments and intricate dialogue options, to a larger range of weapons. Acts 2 and 3 will also be part of additional stretch goals. All to bring further content and expand the story, introducing a new playable character in each Act. Which is some solid gaming news.

“We’re hugely excited to share our Kickstarter campaign with the public. While our time working on AAA titles at Yager was a wonderful experience in terms of lessons and friends. So we decided it was time for us to do away with compromise. And make the game we’ve always wanted to,” said Jan David Hassel, Designer of inbetweengames. “Drawing on our combined love of cyber-punk and film noir. As well as classic tactics and music games, All Walls Must Fall is a unique reinterpretation of those influences. All put together by a healthy dose of style. We can’t wait to embark on this journey with backers to make All Walls Must Fall the best game it possibly can be.”

In the world of All Walls Must Fall, the Cold War never ended. For 150 years, both sides have used time manipulation technology to observe and counter each other’s every move. Now this fragile state of affairs is approaching breaking point. As a rogue nuclear strike has been set, sending the world into turmoil. Both sides have scrambled to send agents back in time to find the person behind the order in the hope they might prevent it. If they fail, the whole world will turn to ash, forever.

All Walls Must Fall is an isometric tactics game where action happens to the pulsing beat of the music. You control time travelling secret agents as they jump and loop through a single night in the city of Berlin. Using a pausable real-time system, carefully plan your decisions and use powerful time manipulation abilities to your advantage, as you carry out your mission in the shadows or in plain sight. Levels are a procedurally recombination using a system under development by inbetweengames. Giving All Walls Must Fall a highly replayable campaign structure, while still offering individual creation of components and set-pieces.

Since this is some solid gaming news, the All Walls Must Fall Kickstarter campaign is available now for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

RPG Maker MV available for Linux in the latest update release

rpg Maker mv makes a linux release in the latest update gaming news

So the big gaming news, the latest #update #release for RPG Maker MV brings Linux support. Up to this point, the base game has only been available on Steam for Windows and Mac, so this is a viable change. RPG Maker MV has been identified as “the easiest way to make your own role playing game.” Since the game uses a more user-friendly​ map system. This will help in build the #RPG world, which I have never played to be honest. But apparently the automated mapping system in MV is easy to use.

Check out the March Madness Mini-Game Contest as well.

So regardless skill level or experience or skill level, virtually anyone can use the tools to make a game. Now RPG Maker MV not only has a Linux editor, but you can export to the platform as well. Who’s up for some game making??

The software can run on both Linux, Mac and Windows PC’s. While exporting games for the following platforms:

  • Linux
  • Windows/EXE
  • MacOSX/APP
  • Android/APK
  • iOS/IPA
  • HTML 5 for Web Browsers

So marking the release of RPG Maker MV comes March MV Midweek Madness. The sale will only run for 7 days, ending on March 24th. So if you have the interest and the time to create your own RPG, that 60% discount for the base game or bundles will end on Friday.

Also, the other big of gaming news, this sale is the best time grab some resources. The RPG Maker MV DLC discounts as high as 60% (no Linux support, yet).