Infinite Adventures developer working on a port

infinite adventures developer working on a linux port

Infinite Adventures developer is working on that Linux port. We reached out to Indie game studio, Stormseeker Games. Who are also eager to announce the dungeon crawling RPG. Also scheduled to release October 30th, 2018 on Steam.

Kontrakt hyper violent action release date

kontrakt hyper violent action release date for linux windows

Kontrakt is a hyper violent action-adventure game Linux and Windows. Where the story of schizophrenia with a dark and twisted story. Coming to Steam on Monday, October 22, 2018 with day-one support as well.

Man of the Stars on Kickstarter confirms support

man of the stars mmo fps on kickstarter confirms linux support

Man of the Stars developer Oblatif games confirms support for Linux for their Kickstarter beside Windows. This is a small french indie studio starting their crowdfunding campaign for their first game.

AQUAMARINE Kickstarter native support update

aquamarine sci fi exploration kickstarter linux support update

AQUAMARINE is a sci-fi exploration game set in a hand-drawn alien ocean, coming to Windows, Mac and we have a support update for Linux. After reaching out to developer Moebial Studios for details about their crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter. Since the campaign is already seeing 18% in funding.

11 bit studios Sale and Moonlighter Update

11 bit studios sale and moonlighter update linux mac windows

11 bit studios Sale Publisher Weekend and Moonlighter Update for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. The developer known for the IGF-winning This War of Mine and Frostpunk. Also recently nominated for PC Game of The Year at the Golden Joystick Awards . And publisher of such indie gems as Moonlighter and Beat Cop are eager to announce their very first publisher’s sale.

The Missing no native support planned

the missing no linux support planned

The Missing: J.J. Macfield and the Island of Memories released for Windows, but does not have Linux support planned. While
Arc System Works, Inc. is happy to announce that the brand new puzzle platformer on Steam. The games development also uses Unity 3D. And the reviews on Steam are a solid 100%. We have further news.

Crusader Kings II newest expansion Holy Fury

crusader kings II newest expansion holy fury on linux mac windows

Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury is the newest expansion for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. Since the game is one of the greatest grand strategy role playing adventure ever made. Now returning with the newest expansion to Paradox’s beloved medieval dynasty manager is coming November 13th, 2018.

Africa – Desert War releases for Sudden Strike 4

africa desert war releases for sudden strike 4 on linux mac windows

Sudden Strike 4 Africa – Desert War add-on releases for Linux, Mac and Windows. All thanks to Kalypso Media who is eager to announce the next chapter for the World War 2 strategy title. The new add-on content is available now on Steam, GOG and Humble Store. Based on the most notorious desert skirmishes in North Africa during World War 2.

Iceberg Interactive library of discounts

iceberg interactive library of discounts for linux mac windows

Iceberg Interactive is offering fans and deal-seekers a whole library of discounts for Linux, Mac and Windows. Running across five days on Steam, starting from October 11th to October 15th. There are some games for Linux with more than 60 original titles and DLC. So whether you want to you mind using Proton, the discount go as deep as 85%.

Farm Together launches full release on Steam

farm together launches full release for linux mac windows

Farm Together the cooperative farming game launches a full release for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since the game exits Early Access and is now available now on Steam and Humble Store.

Helium Rain space simulation gets a full release

helium rain strategy simulation space simulation gets a full release for linux windows

Helium Rain is a single-player space simulation full release is available for Linux and Windows via Steam. The game also has a solid 92% Very Positive review score on Steam. And gameplay places you at the helm of a spacefaring company.

Cities: Skylines Industries update release date

cities skylines industries update release date for linux mac windows

Cities: Skylines industrial update release date announce for Linux, Mac and Windows. Thanks to Paradox Interactive and Colossal Order, this is the next industrial update for Cities: Skylines. Also, Industries launches October 23rd and will put one of the game’s three zones in the spotlight for the first time.

Encased sci fi RPG hits $100k on Kickstarter

encased sci fi RPG hits $100k on kickstarter for linux mac windows

Encased the new sci-fi RPG from ex-Larian Studios hits Kickstarter funding goal for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since the developers are proud to reach the $100,000 funding goal. We are sharing the great news.

Star Traders: Frontiers issues RELIC update

star traders: frontiers issues relic update for linux mac windows

Star Traders: Frontiers releases a big update with a major milestone called RELIC for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. This introduces a completely new style of play, profession and a new major system, Salvaging at Orbitals.

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