88 Heroes release now available on Steam, finally

88 heroes is now available on steam in linux gaming news

The long awaited #chaotic 2D action #platformer 88 Heroes was announced back in May of 2016. The acclaimed development studio #BitmapBureau, have a final release available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence after the original news of this frantic, funny and crowd-pleasing platformer, we saw a delay to late 2016. Since that did not come to be, 88 Heroes has been in a pensive state until this full release.

So regardless of the gaming platform, 88 Heroes is certainly packed with content and challenge. Therefore the chaos is both fun to watch as it is to play. Since each gaming level completed or death brings a new skilled hero into the mix. With just 88 minutes to complete all 88 levels, players take control of these 88 heroes to stop the aptly named Dr. H8 from destroying the Earth.

Check out the 88 Heroes trailer:

“We’re really pleased that gamers across so many formats will be able to play 88 Heroes in March”, said Martin Defries, Managing Director of Rising Star Games. “We have such belief in the game, with exciting additional content, to our jam-packed existing catalogue.”

“At Bitmap Bureau, words cannot describe just how excited we are to finally share the news for release of 88 Heroes!”, said Matt Cope, Managing Director at Bitmap Bureau. “Teaming up with Rising Star Games has been fantastic. We’ve had creative freedom to explore our crazy ideas, and genuine support whenever needed. We can’t wait for people to start downloading our game.”

88 Heroes Features:

  • 88 unique and original playable characters, each with their own skills and abilities that may help – or hinder! – the player
  • Hero order is randomly selected with each play. Meaning players will always have a fresh and varied gaming challenge
  • 88 levels across 4 zones to conquer, each with its own unique boss encounter
  • Multiple game modes including:
    Magnificent 8 mode – choose a team of just 8 heroes to tackle the entire game with;
    Solo mode – pick just one hero and master their skills in order to survive as long as you can
  • 2 additional heroes and 8 new levels in H8 Mode, exclusive to the physical boxed edition
  • Watch the action from Dr. H8’s lair as he tries to thwart your plans, drinks coffee, takes bathroom breaks and berates his accident-prone henchmen
  • More heroes incoming with DLC!

Since the release is official news. Hence this next evolution in platform gaming is available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

For more information on 88 Heroes, please visit the official site.

Hollow Knight 2D platformer in testing for a Linux release

hollow knight 2d platformer in testing for a linux release in gaming news

The epic 2D #action #adventure Hollow Knight made gaming news upon the release late last month. Hence the #launch and debut on Windows PC, with a promise of a Linux build.

Linux release?? Well according to recent comment in the Discussions, this is indeed the case.

“We’re testing it internally. It’s coming.”

So the Linux release is something that has been on my mind for a while. Since the February 24th release on Steam, Hollow Knight continues to uphold a solid 90% plus Very Positive rating on Steam. Of course, the game has been been developed in Unity, so this latest news would explain the porting. Yet we would have expected to see a Linux build sooner, alas.

What is Hollow Knight?

Lurking beneath the fading town of Dirtmouth is an ancient, forgotten kingdom. While many are drawn beneath the surface, all searching for riches, glory or answers to old secrets. Hence a player takes on the roll of the enigmatic Hollow Knight, traversing the depths, unravelling the mysteries and conquering the evils.

  • Explore vast, Inter-connected Worlds
  • Encounter a bizarre collection of friends and foes
  • Evolve with powerful new skills and abilities
  • Evocative Hand-Drawn Art

While gameplay involves players exploring twisting caverns, battling tainted creatures and escaping intricate traps. All while trying to solve an ancient long-hidden mystery.

Hence the world of Hollow Knight is brought to life in vivid, moody detail. The caverns are alive with bizarre and terrifying creatures, each animated by hand in a traditional 2D style.

Every new area players discover is beautiful, unique and strange. Teeming with new creatures and characters to discover. Hence the world of Hollow Knight is worth exploring, both the sights and discovering new wonders off of the beaten path.


  • Classic side-scrolling gaming action, with all the modern trimmings.
  • Tightly tuned 2D controls. Dodge, dash and slash your way through even the most deadly adversaries.
  • Explore a vast interconnected world of forgotten highways, overgrown wilds and ruined cities.
  • Forge your own path! The world of Hallownest is expansive and open. Choose which paths you take, which enemies you face and find your own way forward.
  • Evolve with powerful new skills and abilities! Gain spells, strength and speed. Leap to new heights on ethereal wings. Dash forward in a blazing flash. Blast foes with fiery Soul!
  • Equip Charms! Ancient relics that offer bizarre new powers and abilities. Choose your favourites and make your journey unique!
  • An enormous cast of cute and creepy characters all brought to life with traditional 2D frame-by-frame animation.
  • Over 140 enemies! 30 epic bosses! Face ferocious beasts and vanquish ancient knights on your quest through the kingdom. Track down every last twisted foe and add them to your Hunter’s Journal!
  • Leap into minds with the Dream Nail. Uncover a whole other side to the characters you meet and the enemies you face.

So Hollow Knight is the first release by Team Cherry. Hence the tiny team initially formed during game jams, bonding over their love for Zelda 2. Though they have all worked in gaming in the past, Hollow Knight is the culmination of all things loved in games.

Hollow Knight will make further news, soon. But we highly highly recommend the platformer, which is available now on Steam for $14.99 USD, should you want to invest.

Rocket League gets new Dropshot game mode

rocket league gets new dropshot game mode in linux gaming news

Rocket League enthusiasts will love these #newfeatures available in the latest Linux news #update. Hence this update brings about about a host of new gaming features, including the Dropshot #gamemode. While also including new achievements, crates and of course arenas, all available on Linux. Probably the most impressive update since Starbase ARC and AquaDome arena announcement.

So we are keen to announce the the update is now available. Before you fire up Rocket League you will probably receive notice of the 1.9GB update. Therefore make sure to update the game first.

Rocket League – Dropshot Trailer:

So, in addition to the electrifying new mode, the update includes further content. Hence this news marks the end of ‘Competitive Season 3’. With the Wheel rewards distributed to competing players based on highest skill tier. Since the ‘Competitive Season 4’ starts with a variety of changes. While also including a new eSports “Live Now” button on the main menu. Notifying players of official streams.
Since the Spectator camera now sees improvements, including a Boost Meter and Rumble Power-up indicator, for those in Player View. While a new speed-themed Turbo Crate. This includes the potential to unlock animated Decals, Exotic Wheels, Black Market customisations. Along with a new import Battle-Car Endo, because it’s only available as a limited-drop inside the Turbo Crate. While not excluding the six new Achievements for gaming, and Trophies.

Main Features:

  • Dropshot game mode is now available in the unranked playlists
  • Neo Tokyo has been removed from Casual and Competitive playlists
  • Turbo Crate has been added
    • Painted Endo bodies and Tachyon Rocket Trails can be found in the Turbo Crate
  • Seasonal Easter Items can be acquired March 22 to April 17
  • Season 3 of Competitive play is ending and Season 4 begins. Titles and items will be awarded for the highest rank achieved during the season

New Content available:


  • “Core 707” is now available when playing Dropshot
  • “Mannfield (Night)” is now available in all playlists
  • “Neo Tokyo” has been removed from Casual and Competitive playlists
    • The map will remain playable in offline and private matches
    • In a future update, Neo Tokyo will return to online play with a standard layout


  • Turbo Crate has been added
  • Painted versions of the “Endo” Battle-Car are available from this crate.
  • Painted versions of the “Tachyon” Rocket Trail are available from this crate.

Easter 2017

  • Seasonal Easter Items can be acquired March 22 through April 17
    • Easter Egg Antenna
    • Bunny Ears Hat
    • Easter Basket Hat


  • Registered Voter
    • Head to ‘Arena Preferences’ and use all of your votes
  • Metaverse
    • Equip the Halo Topper and win a match on Starbase ARC
  • Brave the Elements
    • Complete a match on wasted land, under the sea, and in outer space
  • Damage Control
    • Win a Dropshot match via shutout
  • Full Course
    • Score a total of 18 Goals in Dropshot
  • Buckminster
    • x10 Damage a total of 320 panels in Dropshot

So if you want to get into some gaming and see the new seasons features and the Dropshot mode. Download that Linux update while you’re reading the news. Those new crates are being opened and therefore the new car, wheels and more. So get yours free on Steam.

Warlocks 2: God Slayers hack n slash now on Greenlight

warlocks 2: god slayers hack n slash releases on greenlight linux gaming news

Warlocks 2: God Slayers is an #action-packed hack ‘n slash for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence the #gamingexperience comes with a hail of wizards and meteor showers. Now looking for votes on Greenlight, so we are eager to share the news.
And this is a #sequel for developer Frozen District’s first game, Warlocks vs Shadows. Which is available on Steam with an interesting mix of reviews.

So Warlocks 2: God Slayers will be a brand new story. Since the Warlocks now have to face the gods themselves. While the apparent perishing of the shadow monsters has pi**ed them off. So the Order of Warlocks are called to challenge the gods and dethrone them their obnoxiously mighty positions.

Therefore, Frozen District have learned from developing their first game. Hence introducing a numerous of features that were lacking. So the levels are far bigger, there’s more exploration and way more to do in gameplay. Also, while travelling around the universe, players will meet various characters and complete many unique quests.

“We plan to release the game on Q4 2017 / Q1 2018. Early Access is unlikely at this point but who knows?
And yes, we plan to release on Windows, Linux and Mac on day-1.”

At some point in the game players will also receive their own little familiars which can level up and get stronger as you go. Your arsenal also has more options as we’ve added skill trees with new explosive abilities.

Warlocks 2: God Slayers features:

    • Awesome pixel art with hand-drawn animations
    • Fresh hack ‘n slash gaming experience
    • local and online co-op
    • Enemies have their own skill sets and work together to take you down
    • Special familiar slot for your character
    • Familiar evolutions(!)
    • Giant bosses waiting to see defeat
    • Tons of randomly generated loot waiting for you to pick ’em up

Warlocks 2: God Slayers is now looking for your vote on Greenlight for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Since a release date is not  available for this Unity game. We will bring you further news as soon as Frozen District reveal the release.

Football Manager 2017 free to play this weekend

football manager 2017 free weekend on steam linux gaming news

Soccer fans who are looking to try managing their favourite team will get their chance this weekend. Hence Football Manager 2017 is #available free to play this weekend on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Launching this year as one of the most played games on Steam.
So, having started Thursday, the #freeweekend will run until 8pm on Sunday this evening, while also available with a 50% discount. While the real news, this discount will last until 8pm Monday March 27th .

Football Manager 2017 Features video:

So Football Manager 2017 gaming comes with an strict career mode, this has the player controlling every decision of the 2500 real football clubs. Players will be able to put together a dream team and pit them against friends or the AI. Players will be able to become a football tycoon by designing their own team. While placing it in any league of their choosing for that ultimate gaming challenge.

As anyone can expect from the quality of the Football Manager franchise. Any aspiring manager can get involved in player transfers but now pre-contract talks can take place with players. While also being able to go through their agents, where you are given the opportunity to share ideals for the club. The same as previous Football managers, gathering a first rate backroom team is essential to success. Since Football Manager 2017 two new staff members are introduced; Data Analysts to support your scouts and Sports Scientists to support your medical teams.

Football Manager 2017 has a lot to offer fans of one of the best sports, and the best news, its free to play this weekend. Now available on Steam and get into some Linux gameplay with that 50% discount.