I Am The Hero beat em up releases on Steam – Linux, Mac PC

i am the hero beat em up releases on steam linux mac pc

So I Am The Hero the #beatemup in pixel art releases for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence a #fightinggame that tells the story of a “Hero” with a glorious but mysterious past. So is he the hero he thinks he is or is there another side to this legendary figure?

I Am The Hero is a love note to retro gaming. Hence all taken from the fuzzy memories of the developer’s childhoods and seasoned with a wild passion for fighting games. If you want a truly modern re-interpretation of classic gaming. Hence it is time to join the fate and answer one simple question, “are you the hero?”

I Am The Hero Features:

  • Local and Online Co-Op
  • Fast Moving, Fluid Combat
  • Free Style Combos : trample, juggle, rush, and crush your enemies into submission with your own unique fighting styles
  • Critical Blink : by timing your attacks and dodging perfectly you can unleash massive damage on your foes with Critical Blink

Gameplay Feature:

  • Single Player Campaign
  • Local/Online Co-Op
  • Survival Mode

Since I Am The Hero gameplay is all fast paced, retro action. All inspired by modern and old-school classics. This beat em up will give players a true nostalgic flashback with adrenaline.

So join the fight in I Am The Hero now on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC!

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System Requirements:

  • OS: Ubuntu 12.04 or later
  • Processor: Intel Core™ Duo or faster
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM


Conquest: Frontier Wars a classic RTS launches on Steam

Conquest: Frontier Wars a classic RTS launches on Steam

So the classic #space real-time strategy #RTS game Conquest: Frontier Wars arrives on Steam today. Thanks to a partnership between developers #FeverPitchStudios and Descendent Studios. Since Conquest: Frontier Wars, first released in 2001. The title is famous for balancing gameplay, between rich story and deep evolving strategy.

While Conquest: Frontier Wars is not a Linux release. The RTS is goes back to 2001, which should be playable in WINE.

Conquest succeeds in large part due to an epic atmosphere and a number of unique design elements. Hence that conveys the complexity of waging war, from establishing supply lines to commissioning talented commanders.” Brett Todd, GameSpot

Still popular with die-hard fans and modders, the Steam release of Conquest: Frontier Wars includes the original soundtrack and source code.

“It’s clear that the years have been well spent honing, fine tuning, and generally polishing a highly impressive game. That, while taking the genre to several new levels, still retains the essentials that made playing these games so enjoyable in the first place.” IGN

Conquest: Frontier Wars is going to deploy on Steam at with a noon EST (17:00 UTC) today 40% discount off the $5.99 price. A playable demo of the game is also available on the Steam store page.

About Conquest: Frontier Wars

Mankind has finally learned how to explore the outer regions of space using wormhole technology, but Man is not alone in the Void. Two other races are also exploring and exploiting the cosmos for its resources and living space! Expand your fleet, explore your universe, and crush your opponents!

Conquest: Frontier Wars features large-scale fleet battles, intelligent fleet admirals who serve under your command as hero units, and pulse-pounding deep space RTS Sci-Fi gameplay! Manage your supply lines while waging war in multiple maps simultaneously. Don’t let your fleets collapse because as the old maxim states: your fleet is your fate.

About Descendent Studios

Descendent Studios, Inc. is an independent game development studio based in Austin, TX. The studio’s team includes several industry veterans who worked on titles such as Wing Commander, Star Wars: The Old Republic, Conquest Frontier Wars, Starlancer, Star Citizen, and Ultima Online. Descendent’s current primary project is Descent: Underground, a prequel to the classic Descent games of the 1990s.

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Sundered action horror launches on Kickstarter – Linux, Mac, PC

sundered action horror announced linux mac winows pc

So #ThunderLotusGames the creators of Jotun have finally launched a Kickstarter for Sundered (now fully funded). Hence this horrifying fight for survival and sanity, a #hand­drawn epic #adventure on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While Sundered is a replayable metroidvania game where you resist or embrace ancient eldritch powers. These Metroid-style abilities you find can be corrupted, but all at a cost.

While players take on the rolle of Eshe, a wanderer in a ruined world. Yet trapped in an ever­-changing caverns teeming with eldritch horrors. Harness the power of corrupted relics to defeat gigantic bosses, at the cost of your humanity.

Sundered Features:

  • Beautiful hand­-drawn art
  • Massive boss fights
  • Dynamic encounters against hordes of enemies
  • A mix of hand-crafted & procedural levels
  • Corruptible abilities
  • Multiple endings

So delve into a procedurally generated dungeon at the heart of a beautiful hand-drawn world. Since gameplay includes classic Metroidvania elements such as backtracking. Therefore secrets and unlocking new abilities will open new regions at the core of the exploration experience.


Confront hordes of dynamically spawned eldritch monsters. Put your skills and reflexes to the test through furious melee combat and epic boss fights against uniquely designed enemies. All monster spawns are dynamic, constantly keeping you on your toes.


Designed as a challenging adventure for seasoned gamers, frequent deaths are part of theSundered experience. But taking our inspiration from our favorite rogue-like games, death inSundered is only the beginning.


When you die, you respawn in the Hub, where you level up and customize your character. Equip and upgrade a host of unique Perks, stats and special Abilities hidden throughout the world.

While here we are waiting patiently for the Night in the Woods and Torment: Tides of Numenera to release. Thunder Lotus Games now taunts the wallet with Sundered.

So you can learn more about Sundered via the Kickstarter page. Since you might want to take some time and get your pledge in. That $20 CAD tier will get you access to an exclusive Beta version. Hence the July 2017 full release for the game is not too far off.


White Noise 2 horror game gets new level Alvira Shelter

White Noise 2 horror game gets new level Alvira Shelter linux mac pc

So White Noise 2 is an asymmetrical 4v1 horror game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. While players cooperate as a #teamofinvestigators, or play as the #creature #hunting them.
While playing as an investigator, players explore the area and cooperate to find eight hidden tapes. They’ll have to keep their sanity and maintain flashlight batteries. Hence avoiding getting lost and becoming easy prey for the creature.
As the creature, become the hunter and stalk your prey and hunt them without being seen. Since easily stunned by the bright flashlights Hence the creature will pick off investigators one by one. Typically summoning Idols and casting unholy spells to prevent them from finding the eight tapes before devouring them.

So being that we have already gotten a chance to jump into some gameplay. The new level brings with it some significant changes. Hence making it easier for players to find or create a lobby. And White Noise 2 is still only $7.99 on Steam and very playable on Linux.

Six Feet Under Update:

This weeks’ update main feature is the addition of the Alvira Shelter, a new environment filled with misteries yet to be revealed… before you get trapped inside!

In this location, survivors will roam the abandoned facilities while the creature stalks them from the many nooks hidden in this rotten bunker.

We’ve also reviewed the gameplay stats from the past weeks and done some balancing tweaks to a few characters.

White Noise 2 new features:

  • New Level: Alvira Shelter
  • Added a new Cutscene when the investigators win the game.
  • Removed Christmas skins.
  • Changed “Create Private Game” option in the Main Menu to “Create Custom Game”, adding the option to create a Coop-only (vs AI) game.
  • You can now drop items by holding the item key. You can share medkits this way.

Update Improvements:

  • Improved wording of the game tip telling the investigator what to do when the monster is in front of him.
  • Reordered Investigator/Flashlight stats in the selection screens to a more intuitive order.

Gameplay changes:

  • Toy Torch: Reduced Stealth and Battery life
  • Pumpkin lantern: Increased light brightness (not range).
  • Subject 23: Summoner trait value increased, now it also reduces shared cooldowns
  • Anne Marie: Scientist perk now applies to tapes picked nearby.
  • Anne Marie: Increased bravery
  • Hannah: Reduced Exploration
  • Hannah: Increased Deafness effect
  • Jean Luc: Switched Martyr perk for Helpful (increase nearby investigators’ Endurance)
  • Now item types are not entirely random when spawned, there’s a minimum number of each.

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BOOR puzzle platformer Steam release date announced for PC

boor puzzle platformer release date announced for pc

While BadLand Games and Dazlog Studio are gearing up to release BOOR on February 14th on Steam! Save the colony of Eden by moving across 80 levels filled with exciting #puzzles, menacing enemy robots. While facing hair-raising #bosses in this beautiful puzzle #platformer for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

A little girl accidentally lands on Eden, a faraway human colony under siege by a malfunctioning A.I. known as BOOR. Alone and afraid, she must collect items, reveal secrets, and solve puzzles to put an end to BOOR’s evil masterplan. Can she uncover the planet’s many mysteries? Will you help her survive the A.I.’s murderous intent and bring peace back to Eden?

Multiply yourself, run and jump, and stay on your toes to survive BOOR’s traps and hazards. So here’s how it works: Use the “multiply” power to take command of a clone. While then completing dangerous tasks such as tricking robots into shooting each other. Leaping over dangerous obstacles and more. But you’ll also need to think strategically: You’re left vulnerable while you’re roaming, and clones tend to expire after a while.

“I’ve been inspired by games such as Limbo , Braid and Portal to create a puzzle/platformer that focuses on game playability and aesthetics.” says Daniel Moreno, developer and founder of Dazlog Studio. “This is definitely an exciting time for us, and we are looking forward to the release of BOOR on Steam.”

BOOR Features:

  • Explore and discover a beautiful but strange world, with visually-rich hand-drawn levels.
  • Challenging platforming and puzzles that will test your skills.
  • An engaging power; the girl can multiply herself to solve puzzles.
  • More than 80 challenginglevels filled with collectibles and secrets to uncover.
  • Uncover the mystery of Eden through a detailed and exciting storyline.
  • Relaxing OST produced by Paltian (Jacobo Cáceres) accompanies the excellent gameplay.

BOOR will be available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC on February 14, 2017 for $4.99/€4.99/£3.99.

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