Felix the Reaper adventure and native support

felix the reaper adventure and linux support

Felix the Reaper is a 3D shadow manipulation puzzle adventure coming to Windows and Mac, then Linux. Where players take on the role of the titular reaper, who also works at The Ministry of Death. A unique game from developer Kong Orange.

Airships: Conquer the Skies strategy launches

airships conquer the Skies strategy launches on linux mac windows

Airships: Conquer the Skies steampunk building strategy launches on Linux, Mac and Windows. Where players construct steampunk vehicles and use them to conquer the world. Competing against other players.

Steam compatibility tools a point of view

steam compatibility tools point of view for linux gaming

Steam compatibility tools is the discussion this week, so this is my point of view for Linux gaming. Since anyone who knows, our beloved OS not an entirely ideal experience yet.

Megaquarium sim drops September 13th

megaquarium sim drops september 13th for linux mac windows

Megaquarium sim will be launching on September 13th for Linux, Mac and Windows. Which is a sink or swim in Twice Circled’s upcoming aquatic economic management sim.

POLYGOD roguelike FPS finally launches

polygod roguelike fps finally launches on linux mac windows

POLYGOD minimalist, roguelike, randomly generated, strategy FPS, launches on Linux, Mac and Windows. All thanks indie studio Krafted Games.

Railway Empire: The Great Lakes DLC releases

railway empire the great lakes dlc releases linux windows

Railway Empire: The Great Lakes DLC expansion releases now on Linux, SteamOS and Windows. Launching with at a very affordable $7.99 USD. So now you can explore Canada in the 1860’s.

The Endless Mission Beta announced

the endless mission beta announced september for linux mac windows

The Endless Mission announced the beta for its sandbox-style creation game coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. Which is also launching on Steam in September 2018. Renowned for creating the BAFTA award-winning Never Alone, E-Line Media has set out to empower players to express themselves by giving them the ability to play, mashup, modify, create, and share their own games and experiences.

La-Mulana 2 and native support details

la-mulana 2 metroidvania-action and linux support details

La-Mulana 2 metroidvania action Linux support details. Since the games already available on Mac and Windows. Where is the native release?

Fell Seal: Arbiters Mark debuts on Early Access

fell seal arbiters mark debuts on early access for linux mac windows

Fell Seal: Arbiters Mark turn-based tactical RPG debuts on Steam Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows. With gameplay that is in line with the great classics like Final Fantasy Tactics and Tactics Ogre.

Lamplight City detective adventure release date

lamplight city detective adventure release date on linux mac windows

Lamplight City is detective adventure has a release date for Linux, Mac and Windows. Which of course coming to Steam on September 13, 2018.

Dustwind RTS full release and native support?

dustwind rts full release and linux support

Dustwind RTS gets a full release on Windows, but also Linux support on Steam. The games now out of Early Access with a Massive Update. This also includes New Gamemode Territory Killswitch. Inluding the ability to Play Solo Missions. Then take on the world.

Graveyard Keeper management sim is available

graveyard keeper management sim is available on linux mac windows

Graveyard Keeper the sandbox cemetery management sim is available on Linux, Mac and Windows. The reviews on Steam are coming in with a Positive 80%.

Nantucket seafaring strategy native release

nantucket seafaring strategy linux and mac release

Nantucket is the seafaring strategy game based on Moby Dick, finally gets a Linux and Mac release. All thanks to developer, Picaresque Studio. Which also happens to be on sale too.

MultiTaskMaster a new arcade game this week?

multitaskmaster new arcade game this week on linux mac windows

MultiTaskMaster is a new arcade game experience coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. Available this week to Steam, officially tomorrow.

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