Paradox Interactive announces PDXCON with new trailer

paradox interactive announces pdxcon with new trailer linux mac pc games

So Paradox Interactive are excited to open the doors to PDXCON for the first time. Considering most of the games published in the last couple of years support Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence PDXCON marks a new type #event for the #publisher and game #developer.

So traditionally this has been a  press-only affair. While this year Paradox are opening the convention for both fans AND press. Hence this event runs for three days celebrating all things Paradox.

In order to celebrate the occasion, Paradox thought about doing something “different”. Here we present: The Legendary Split:

NOTE: No CEO’s were harmed in the making of this video.

So the convention will take place in Stockholm over the 12th-14th of May. There is a Cosplay competition, special guests from the modding community, a whole wealth of guest speakers, and more to come!

Fans can register their interest on the PDXCON official Facebook Event or purchase tickets to attend here.

So Paradox Interactive is a leading global publisher of strategy games for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence the world-renowned strategy catalogue stretches back to 1999. The company holds a particularly strong presence in the United States and Europe.

The publisher’s steadily-growing portfolio includes firmly established PC franchises such as the critically acclaimed Europa Universalis, Cities: Skylines, Crusader Kings, Magicka and the Hearts of Iron series created by Paradox Development Studio and a network of partner studios.

Our offices are located in Stockholm and Umeå, Sweden. We work with renowned distributors worldwide and are present on all major digital download portals. We share a passion for gaming and gamers and our goal is to provide deep and challenging games with hours of gameplay to our growing 5,000,000+ member community.

For more information, please visit our forums and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

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Songbringer procedurally-generated action RPG release coming this summer

songbringer procedurally-generated RPG coming this summer linux mac pc games

So two years ago we wrote about #procedurallygenerated #RPG Songbringer when the games launched the Kickstarter campaign. Now that #game is nearly complete for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Hence publisher Double Eleven are backing it for a release this summer on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

The games story:

Hence Songbringer features a complex and rich, immersive storyline filled with secrets and hidden realms. So by eating the rare hallucinogenic cacti found throughout the game, since the player will be able to unlock these realms and find loads of other things. While things like hidden doors and items cannot be seen, they are there help along the journey. Therefore the player will be able to explore 10 dungeons in 3/4 perspective and enter in different codes to explore over 300 million unique level combinations. So all of these environments are procedurally-generated and like Shock Tactics, make no adventure the same, unless players share codes with one-another.

So Songbringer’s action-adventure plot would not be complete without several unique weapons. Hence these include bombs, the ghost sword projectile, a boomerang top-hat and a humming nano-sword. Since Songbringer even lets players play in two-person co-op mode to help each other battle crowded mobs, gigantic bosses, virus androids and a series of puzzles.

So personally, I like that Songbringer supports two-player co-op. While Player Two takes the role of a moustachio-obsessed robot named Jib.

Songbringer Features:

  • Single-player action RPG
  • AI or human-controlled second player
  • Local co-operative two player mode
  • Full gamepad support, including rumble
  • Realtime combat
  • 7 kinds of weapons including the nanosword, boomerang-like tophat, bombs, blink orb, ghost sword projectile, lighter and kilobombs
  • Hundreds of unique items and powerups
  • Some items you can combine, for example: ghost sword + lightning cube = lightning sword
  • Hidden items, secret entrances, secret pathways, bomb-able walls
  • Over 30 different achievements
  • Dynamic shadows
  • Full day / night cycle
  • Reflective surfaces
  • Original soundtrack
  • Online leaderboards highlight the top players based on completion time, percentage of map uncovered and percentage of items found
  • Roguelike-inspired permadeath option which gives a higher score on the leaderboard and allows for faster runs
  • A science fiction narrative featuring a spacecutter named Songbringer, its crew, an ancient evil army, and a planet named Ekzerra
  • Multiple NPCs, some of which are rare finds
  • Approximately 6-12 hours of gameplay per adventure, depending on thoroughness
  • Procedurally-generated overworld and dungeons
  • A world contains: 1 overworld, 10 dungeons and 13 primary bosses
  • Worlds are based on a six-letter seed; enter the same seed to play the same world on any platform, or enter a new seed to play something different
  • World generator is hand-crafted, creating worlds based on human-designed rules, blending the best of both procedural and bespoke game design
  • Support for multiple languages

Surprising to say, Songbringer is the work of one man. An Oakland, California-based Nathanael Weiss, that is responsible for the game’s programming, design, art, music and business.

For more details, check out Songbringer on Steam coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Follow on Twitch and Facebook.

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Youtubers Life strategy simulator releases on Linux

youtubers life strategy simulator releases in linux games

So U-Play Online, ” promised to support Linux once Youtubers Life got out of Early Access and here it is.” The latest in #singleplayer #strategy #simulator games, finally available with full cross-platform support and some issues:

Input bug fix
Those of you who have been following this past 9 months of development, know that we’ve had a bug where joysticks, steering wheels, racing pedals, etc. messed up with Youtubers Life input commands and the game picked up the wrong clicks from the mouse.
We need your help, though, so if you’ve experienced this issue in the past and worked around it by unplugging those input peripherals when playing Youtubers Life, please try again and write some feedback in the bug reporting forum.

Current development
At the moment we’re working on increasing the supported range of resolutions but we’re running into some issues, that’s why it didn’t get included in this update.
We’ll try to bring support for ultrawide setups in the near future. Keep tuned for more news.

So Youtubers Life is the ultimate life simulation/tycoon game. Where the player can become the world’s greatest content creator in history. Hence editing videos, expanding the amount of fans and turning yourself into a wealthy fellow. While you create your character and start making your first broadcasts. All while in the cozy room at your parents’ house where you grew up. So keep an eye on daily tasks and socialize yourself to increase your popularity. While deal with fans, friends, family and time management. So gameplay consists of the player choosing one the three career paths available. Either one in gaming, music or cooking. While you become the most famous star on the Internet! Record your gameplay sessions, broadcast your videoclips and cook your favourite meals in one of the 100 best sellers on Steam in 2016.


  • Character customization.
  • Three career paths available: Gaming, Music and Cooking.
  • Video editing.
  • Make money with your videos.
  • Manage your production studio.
  • Hang out with your friends, go to parties and attend industry events.
  • Love.
  • Reply to your fans on social networks.
  • Create your own creators network.
  • Move to a new house, an office or even a mansion.
  • Decor your place.

So having already caught some gameplay of em>Youtubers Life, this is a welcomed addition to Linux. Giving players the chance to live out the games reality of becoming internet famous. While also keeping the strategy simulator light-hearted.

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KONA survival adventure announced release date for Linux, Mac, PC

kona survival adventure announced release date in linux mac pc games

So it has been almost a year since the KONA #release on Early Access. Followed two weeks later by the Linux and Mac builds on Steam as the developers continue updating the game.
Hence now #developer #Parabole has launched a new trailer announcing the games release date, March 17th. Since the purpose behind Early Access, “interact with the Steam community in order to listen to players feedback. Improve the game, fix issues and add more languages before moving on with a rock-solid full-fledged launch.”

While this a substantial part of creating a successful game. The gameplay has also been extended, “the Early Access version contains around two to three hours of gameplay. While the final game is expected to be four to eight hours long.”


Northern Canada, 1970. A strange blizzard ravages Atamipek Lake. Step into the shoes of a detective to explore the eerie village, investigate surreal events, and battle the elements to survive. The first installment in a series of four games, Kona is a chilly interactive tale you won’t soon forget.

KONA Features

  • Step into a surreal interactive tale of mystery and investigate the perplexing quietness in the entire town.
  • Explore a vast, frigid Northern environment and battle the elements to survive.
  • Complete the first of four distinct acts, each offering between three to five hours of gameplay.
  • Enjoy the atmospheric soundtrack featuring music by Quebec folk band Curé Label.
  • Experience the tale through the omniscient, third-person storyteller.
  • Go back in time with a vintage look and feel reminiscent of 1970s rural communities.

Now that KONA is coming closer to a full out launch. Keep in mind the price will change, “we plan to gradually raise the price as we ship new content and features.”

Currently KONA is available on Steam for $17.99 USD on Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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Defenders of Ekron launches story-based shmup on Greenlight

defenders of ekron launches story based shmup on greenlight linux pc games

So developer Invitro Games are looking for votes to support for their story based shmup on Greenlight. Since Defenders of Ekron is coming to Windows PC, a Linux build is looming in the distance.


So players take the role of Eneas, a bold cadet that is about to become an Anakim pilot. Hence the cutting-edge mech enhanced with a special ability known as Isvará. During Eneas’ final exam, something goes wrong and he doesn’t develop his Isvará. So he will be forced to join an experimental program to fight The Renegades, a rogue group of Anakim pilots that want to destroy the planet. While at the same time revealing the dark secrets surrounding the Technocratic Republic of Ekron.

Linux release?

“Yes, we have a Linux build planned in the near future once we release the PC and PS4 version”

So Defenders of Ekron is being developed using Game Maker. Therefore porting to Linux as well as Windows PC

Defenders of Ekron – Gameplay Trailer:


  • 360° shooting range to defeat all kind of enemies.
  • Exploration modes: Analyze and navigate in search for enemies and information.
  • Battle modes: Learn new skills and combine them to suit your game style.
  • Oxus Blaster: release a destructive attack to reduce everything to ashes.
  • Oxus Shield: sometimes defense is the best offence.
  • Upgrade yourself: Pyromancy, dashing, sword-fighting, electromagnetism and more!
  • Immersive Story: Uncover the truth beneath everything

Additional information:

  • Nominated best indie game in TGS 2015 by Famitsu magazine.
  • Currently in Steam Greenlight
  • Music recorded by Action replay, our in house band.

The story based shmup games launched is expected on Windows PC and PS4 in the first quarter of 2017. Followed by the Linux release, with enough votes of course.

More details are available on the official website, follow on Twitter and Facebook.

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