Volcanoids first person base building support

volcanoids first person base building linux windows support

Volcanoids is a first-person, base building survival game for Windows, but Linux is in the works. Since developer Volcanoid is working on the Q1 2019 release. The recent Discussion post on Steam shows incoming support.

Godly Corp omnipotent intern simulator releases

godly corp omnipotent intern simulator releases on linux mac windows

Godly Corp releases, where you play as an omnipotent intern in this simulator for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. TR8 Torus Studios has prepares, among other things, intense tentacle-based gameplay. While you complete unpredictable tasks and a large portion of absurd humor. The game debuts on the Steam today.

Arcade Spirits visual novel gets a release date

arcade spirits comedy visual novel coming with a demo for linux mac windows

Arcade Spirits romantic visual novel now has a release date for Linux, Mac and Windows. Thanks to PQube and developer Fiction Factory Games, who are pausing the synthwave tunes for a moment. While revealing good news for Arcade Spirits. This is a romantic visual novel full of refreshing humor. Also, retro goodness and wholesome moments, coming to Steam on February 12th, 2019.

WH40K Gladius new DLC Tyranids announced

wh40k gladius new dlc tyranids announced linux windows

WH40K Gladius has a new DLC called Tyranids announced for Linux and Windows. Proxy Studios reveal the next DLC for WH40K Gladius. The first (and still the one) 4X set in WH40K universe. Expanding the turn-based strategy yet again.

OOTP 19 gets new Perfect Team mode

ootp 19 gets new multiplayer strategy mode for linux mac windows out of the park baseball 19

Out of the Park Baseball 19 (OOTP 19) has a new online baseball multiplayer strategy Perfect Team mode for Linux, Mac and Windows. Offering game owners the next generation of online baseball strategy.

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