Feudal Alloy metroidvania games Beta demo

feudal alloy metroidvania games beta demo linux mac windows

Feudal Alloy has a closed beta demo coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. Attu Games are releasing their new fish-controlled metroidvania on February 20, 2018 via Steam. Since the full release is coming Q3 2018.

In Celebration of Violence launches on Steam

in celebration of violence launches on steam for linux mac windows

In Celebration of Violence gets a fully launches on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games finally hit version 1.0 after spending almost two years on Early Access.

Since the games is a fantasy action roguelike of exploration and murder. Meaning, the methodical combat requires that you plan your attacks. Also the same goes with dodging, blocking and parries. While considering your opponents and the environment.
Death is permanent but you can improve your stats. Purchase items to aid future lives. ​

Spinch isometric platformer hits Summer 2018

spinch isometric platformer hits summer 2018 in linux mac windows games

Spinch isometric platformer coming to Steam in Summer 2018 for Mac and Windows, and likely Linux. Thanks to the games developers, Queen Bee Games.

Orwell: Ignorance is Strength the release date

orwell ignorance is strength political simulation release date linux mac windows

Orwell: Ignorance is Strength gets a release date for Linux, Mac and Windows. Developer Osmotic Studios and indie label Surprise Attack Games announced February 22nd for Season Two. Hence this the award-winning surveillance thriller Orwell.

POLYGOD to get a full release via Steam games

polygod roguelike fps to get full release via steam games for linux mac windows

POLYGOD the roguelike FPS is will get a full release via Steam games for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games launch details come on behalf of indie studio Krafted Games. Along with a new Speed Run Trailer for POLYGOD. This minimalist, rogue-like, randomly generated and first person shooter.

Made in Norway Indiedev’s via Steam games

made in norway indiedev's via steam games for linux mac windows

Made in Norway indiedev’s get together for a Steam games discount bundle for Linux, Mac and Windows. So these are five of the most successful independent studios in Norway. Having now joined forces to release a bundle on Steam. Focused on story-driven games.

Since this includes some well-known studio’s. Such as Krillbite Studio, Snowcastle Games, Rain Games, D-Pad Studio and Red Thread Games.
Also, games in the bundle, called Made in Norway, are Among the Sleep: Enhanced Edition, Earthlock: Festival of Magic, World to the West, Owlboy and Dreamfall Chapters.

Railway Empire games free updates – Roadmap

Railway Empire the games Roadmap of free updates for Linux and Windows

Railway Empire Roadmap of free updates Roadmap announced for Linux and Windows. The games still in active development. While all great tycoons work to stay ahead of the game. It’s time to re-evaluating strategies and prepare for the future.

Following on from the second most successful Steam launch in the company’s history, after Tropico 5. Kalypso Media is eager to reveal a roadmap of free updates for Railway Empire. The first of these updates arrives now on Steam (full changelog).

Switch – Or Die Trying, finally a native release

switch or die trying finally a linux release via steam games

Switch – Or Die Trying is a 2D Puzzle Platformer for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. Since the games only available for Mac and Windows previous. Developer Threye Interactive just announced the Linux release.

The Alpha Device will likely get native support

the alpha device 6dof walking simulator linux support, mac and windows games

The Alpha Device just launched Free on Steam but Mac and Windows, but not Linux. Well it looks like that could also change. At least according to Byron Atkinson-Jones, aka. Xiotex Studios.

Beyond space, beyond reason… beyond humanity. Players will venture into the unknown depths of the universe. While discovering a gripping tale of a dystopian future. One that calls your very existence into question.

INSIDIA strategy games Coma the Shadeslinger

insidia strategy gets coma the shadeslinger in free to play games for linux mac windows

INSIDIA‘s new content update unlocks Champion Coma the Shadeslinger for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. Also, players can take part in a week-long event that unlocks a special “love” themed skin. Hence this new deadly beauty.

So turn-based tactics and furious multiplayer mayhem await in INSIDIA. Which is the new online strategy game where two players battle it out. While each trying gain riches of a post-apocalyptic fantasy world.

Tech Support: Error Unknown insider hacking

tech support error unknown hacking games coming to linux windows and mac

Tech Support: Error Unknown, currently in closed pre-alpha, is launching on Steam Q4 2018 for Linux, Mac and Windows. Sort of like 911 Operator with some similarities to Hacknet, respectively.
Also, in addition to recently partnering up with BrightLocker. Giving exclusive rewards for the growing Tech Support: Error Unknown fan community.

Monster Prom dating sim games April teaser

monster prom dating sim games april teaser for linux mac windows

Monster Prom is a new dating simulator coming to Steam games for Linux, Mac and Windows. So now indie Developer Beautiful Glitch have teamed up with Indie Publisher & Developer, Those Awesome Guys. Spawning a genuinely original take on the dating sim genre.

Monster Prom, is a 1-to-4 Multiplayer Game featuring superb art and absurdly funny writing. Since it pits players against each other to woo the perfect monster date to prom.

Dead Maze F2P MMO games now on Steam

dead maze f2p mmo games now on Steam for linux mac windows

Dead Maze is a story-driven cooperative MMO on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. So players can now fight, scavenge, craft, and survive the zombie apocalypse.

The end of the world begins today with the global launch of the free-to-play. Hence the zombie MMO Dead Maze on Steam. Following a successful closed beta period. Independent French developer Atelier 801 (Transformice) also opens the doors to Dead Maze. Also inviting players to join forces to reclaim a world overrun by the undead.

The Forbidden Arts games going native

the forbidden arts action adventure platformer in windows and linux games

The Forbidden Arts, an action adventure platformer now on Early Access for Windows, but coming to Linux. While Stingbot Games starts its journey via Steam. The full release will arrive in early 2019. Which also includes support for Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and PlayStation 4.