JCB Pioneer: Mars on Early Access – August 31

jcb pioneer: mars coming to early access linux windows games steam

Independent studio, Atomicom and publisher GamesCo, release details about JCB Pioneer: Mars. Hence the survival sandbox games launch on Steam Early Access, August 31st for Windows. While Linux support is yet to be formally confirmed. Since there is Steam listing available yet. So accompanying this announcement, the team is sharing a short video feature. Highlighting “Tools Of Survival”. While outlining the technology the player must rely on to successfully survive. And colonise the harsh Mars environment.
The video focuses on the beautiful, speculative space suits. Designed by Jim Bowers, co-creator of the illustrious Wipeout series, and the ultra-rugged. While also futuristic JCB vehicles, custom-designed by engineers at JCB. So players can master the alien landscape and ensure humanity’s future lies beyond planet Earth.

JCB Pioneer: Mars Steam Early Access Teaser Trailer:

So from the games video alone, the gameplay is very similar to Astroneer. Another Unreal Engine 4 game currently on Early Access. Yet that games experience relies on resource management and survival. While JCB Pioneer: Mars is more geared towards heavy equipment.

“We’re thrilled to announce the Early Access release date of JCB Pioneer: Mars. This is the first step players take on their journey to colonise the red planet,” says Andy Santos, Design Director of Atomicom. “With the Tools Of Survival video. Players have a taste of the custom-designed technology and how it is crucial to their survival.”

“We are hugely excited by the announcement of JCB Pioneer: Mars’ Early Access release date,” said JCB Worldwide Marketing Director, Michael Plummer. “Members of our design team have relished the opportunity to create these futuristic space vehicles. We’re delighted that players will be able to use JCB machinery on the planet Mars before using them on earth.”

What’s in the Gameplay

JCB Pioneer: Mars begins as the player awakens from a crash. Surrounded by the wreckage of their Lander vehicle. Amidst falling debris and hurtling winds. Survival is the first goal – locate oxygen and establish an outpost. Then the player slowly begins to establish him or herself on Mars. Learning to combat the planets fierce and hostile weather patterns. Beginning a larger operation of colonisation. Life-support infrastructure is crucial but so is mining natural resources. All part of a broader mission to save an ailing Earth.

So JCB Pioneer: Mars will launch on Early Access on August 31st for Windows. We are still waiting on further Linux confirmation, time frame or Steam Page.

Learn more about the game or check out the official website. Follow on Twitter and Facebook.

Robocraft to launch next week via Steam (Linux)

robocraft to launch next week via steam linux mac windows games

Freejam is eager to announce new for the free-to-play robot building and battling game. Since Robocraft is set to exit Steam Early Access and officially launch as a full release on Thursday, 24th August. And of course the games playable now on Linux, Mac and Windows.

So to mark the launch, Freejam will reward every player in Robocraft’s 12 million strong community. Which will include in-game crates bursting with new items. While including a selection of 4 exclusive Pilot Seat cosmetics. All set on the players account creation time.  There’s also time for new users to be eligible to get some of these rewards. All you need to do is create an account and play Robocraft before launch day.

Robocraft beta Launch Trailer:

“Robocraft  attraction and the cult following as soon as it appeared on Steam, wow! And the games changed a lot over the years,” reminisced Freejam CEO and Game Director, Mark Simmons. “Our fans have been consistently patient and supportive throughout Robocraft’s continued evolution. We wholeheartedly thank them for their passion and support as we officially launch our first game as a studio.”

The rewards will launch as part of the ‘1.0’ update. Which also features new animated cosmetics, more usability improvements to the Community Robot Factory. Since that is the hub where players can upload their own robot designs. Or sell them to others for in-game currency. Including the new Rail Impaler weapon and a myriad of other improvements.

Now since, I played Robocraft in the early stages of Early Access. Since then I have not really put much time into the game. Now after 3 years in Steam’s Early Access programRobocraft is finally set to be released as a full 1.0 product on Linux, Mac and Windows. Freejam cordially invites everyone to begin their robot building career by visiting Steam or

Helium Rain strategy simulation hits Steam

helium rain strategy simulation hits steam linux windows games

Helium Rain is a single-player space sim for Linux and Windows. Since the games now available on Steam Early Access, built with Unreal Engine 4. So we are keen to share some news.
Gameplay pits the player at the helm of a spacefaring company. Exploration, trading, station-building, piracy are all options. Helium Rain relies on both spaceflight and strategy, mixed together in a creative way. Destroying a freighter has a direct impact on the economy. While declaring war will make your environment more hostile.

Helium Rain – Early Access Trailer:

  • Realistic economy model with dynamic pricing, supply and demand
  • Strategy gameplay with procedural quests, world exploration, technology upgrades
  • 12 playable ships with weapon and engine upgrades
  • Fast-paced combat with a Newtonian flight model
  • Localized damage model for spacecrafts

Since space strategy sim genre is somewhat of a niche genre. Yet Deimos Games take things in a different direction.

Your ships have generators, radiators, weapons, engines, cargo bays or life support systems. Since they all work together. Every thruster on the ship plays a role. So make sure to aim for engines to keep your enemies up. Or send them spinning around by destroying power stations. Most ships have more than thirty individual parts. So players can customize the most important parts. Maintaining the main engines, attitude control thrusters, weapons and hull colors.

Your competitors are independent factions, companies with the same goal as yours – ruling the system. They will try to undercut you, or even attack you if you become a threat to them. But don’t be too quick to destroy them, as war can break the supply of resources you depend on ! Attacking freighters will destroy resources, making them costlier, with the potential to cause an economic crisis.

Helium Rain is available in Early Access on Steam for Linux and Windows. Yet there will be DRM-free releases for the games Windows and Linux builds as well.

Darkwood survival horror full release on Steam

darkwood thorror full release in steam games for linux mac windows

Acid Wizard Studio the small independent studio from Poland. Hence the creators of the free-roam survival-horror, Darkwood now have a full release. And since the games available on Linux, Mac and Windows, we are eager to share news. Which we played back in the early stages of the games Steam Early Access debut. Which presents a unique but challenging horror survival RPG. Where I once tried to barricade my character into a house thinking I was safe, then got eaten.

The game caused quite a stir with its successfully crowdfunded Indiegogo campaign. Gathering over $57,000 and scoring more than 500,000 views on its two pre-alpha trailers.

Yet now, the small independent studio from Poland (consisting of ”3 guys and a dog”). While celebrating the full release from Early Access after 3 years of refining the game together. Have a new full atmospheric trailer. Complete with a random naked woman, who could have a really nice personality. Yet she’s walking into a dark forest…

Darkwood Live-action trailer:

Darkwood Features:

  • So experience the only top-down survival horror game. Since it will make you scream out in terror.
  • Enjoy an engaging blend of RPG, roguelike and adventure elements. Crafted by hardcore gamers.
  • Step into a world where the cycle of night and day. While truly impacting your (already faint) chances of survival.
  • By day explore the randomly generated, ever-sinister woods, scavenge for materials, craft weapons and discover new secrets.
  • By night find shelter, barricade, set up traps and hide or defend yourself from the horrors that lurk in the dark.
  • Gain skills and perks by extracting a strange essence from mutated fauna and flora and injecting it into your bloodstream. Watch out for unexpected consequences…
  • Make decisions that impact the world of Darkwood, its inhabitants and the story you experience.
  • Meet eerie characters, learn their stories and decide their fate. And remember – don’t trust anyone.
  • Laugh maniacally as madness consumes your mind.

Darkwood and the full release is available now via Steam, GOG and Humble Store. Since the launch for Linux, Mac and Windows comes with a 10% discount until August 24th.

Light Fall coming action adventure and Linux?

light fall coming action adventure and linux mac windows games steam

Since we are always on the lookout for new games coming to Linux. Bishop Games, a Canadian indie games studio announced their 2D immersive platformer Light Fall. While the games going to be available for Windows, Mac, PlayStation®4 and Xbox One in March 2018 via Steam. There is concern about the Linux build, since the games development uses Unity 3D.

Hi Todd,

The game is being developed in Unity and a Linux port is definitely in our mind. But it’s too early to say whether or not the game will be available on the platform at launch, if at all. And although the Linux market is small, it’s community is quite vocal. Which is always a good thing from our perspective. So our plan is to try to port it, take is seriously. Attempt to resolve issues that arise and if it looks like it’s worth the effort, we’ll do the port and support it.

So players explore the forgotten world of Numbra using the Shadow Core. A magical box beneath your feet, to help maneuver your way across the land. While braving the many challenges and foes standing in your way. Light Fall redefines the platformer genre with Shadow Core’s innovative game mechanic. Delivering a fresh and exciting experience to players. Gameplay has a Limbo vibe with some classic Super Meat Boy that debuted on Steam years back.

Light Fall Teaser:

“Light Fall is the first title that Bishop Games is releasing so we wanted to ensure that the game really stands out from other traditional 2D platformers,” said David Dion-Paquet, Co-founder and President of Bishop Games. “The idea behind Light Fall was to make a platformer where you can control your own platform. This allows players to be creative about how they traverse through the game and provides them with a truly unique gameplay experience.”

Light Fall Features:

  • The Ultimate Freedom: Control the Shadow Core, a magical box beneath your feet that can be used and controlled at will, to propel yourself into the air and move across the land at your own pace. With the Shadow Core, you become the master of your surroundings and create your own path.
  •  An Immersive Journey: Immerse yourself in Light Fall’s strange universe where darkness prevails over the light. Joining you in this adventure, Stryx the old and grumpy owl, will act as your sidekick and in-game narrator. Depending on his mood, he will either offer useful advice or bluntly mock your failures.
  • A Vast World to Explore: With the Shadow Core in hand, reach new heights and explore every nook and cranny of Numbra. Wander through the Lunar Plain, the Marshlands of Sorrows, the Vipera’s Forest and the Unknown Depths, where shortcuts, alternative paths, hidden collectibles and easter eggs await you in large numbers.
  • Speedrun Competition: Quench your thirst for competition in the complementary Speedrun Game Mode. Compete with players worldwide and compare your fastest times with theirs on the on

Since Light Fall coming via Steam in March 2018 for Mac and Windows. Yet the Unity 3D games means a Linux build will be coming into the mix as well. Stay tuned.