Popup Dungeon strategy RPG coming late 2018

popup dungeon strategy rpg coming late 2018 linux mac windows games

Popup Dungeon is a strategy RPG that’s coming to Linux, Mac and Windows games. Since the title outlines a Winter 2018, this where things are at. The games listed on Steam right now. But the full release is months away.

So that being said, Humble Bundle is proud to reveal a gorgeous and meticulous new gameplay video. Since this reveal for Popup Dungeon made possible by a partnership with 3-person family team Triple.B.Titles. This is an endlessly customizable papercraft RPG. Players can create any weapon, ability, enemy or hero imaginable.

Play with Me horror games inspired by Saw

play with me horror games inspired by saw for linux mac windows

Play with Me is an adventure horror for Linux, Mac and Windows on Steam. Since the game also comes with some point and click elements, mini-games and taunts you with optical puzzles.

Enter the world of a dangerous psychopath. While you see how it feels to slowly descend into madness. Explore the dark world created by a sick mind. And also find out who is behind it. However, you will not be alone during this journey.

Since player will be able to win the gratitude of others imprisoned. Getting their help with a bit of manipulation and favours. How will you use them? Are you ready to sacrifice your friend to get away from the trap? And most of all, will you dare to… Play with Me?

Balloonatics vehicle-based deathmatch games?

balloonatics vehicle-based deathmatch games for linux and windows 2018

Balloonatics games are action-packed, vehicle-based deathmatch for Linux and Windows. Since you have to pilot your basket while collecting weapons to sink your opponents. Really it’s a true combat deathmatch game. Coming to Steam Early Access on February 8th, 2018.

So get out there and throw some floating mines or use your slingshot. Launch a box of angry bees at your opponent. You can also put up shield walls to protect yourself. All while you strategically plan your next move.

BATTLETECH backer update disappointment

battletech dbacker update disappointment in linux games

BATTLETECH the backer update from developer Harebrained Schemes delivers disappointment for Linux. The games release will not include day-one support as we were hoping. Since this publisher Paradox Interactive. Who are keen to delivering on-time and day-one Linux support.

Forged Battalion RTS hits Early Access

forged battalion the rts hits early access for linux windows games

Forged Battalion hits Steam Early Access for Windows, no Linux. Well at least not yet. Since the game is slated to be in Early Access for another 6 months.

Award-winning international games label Team17 is the publisher behind Forged Battalion. Which is also the innovative and dynamic new take on the real-time strategy genre. Coming to you now from Command & Conquer veterans Petroglyph. Available now on Steam Early Access for Windows.

Last Encounter games twin-stick shooter issue

last encounter games twin-stick shooter issue linux mac windows

Last Encounter [official website] the intergalactic roguelike twin-stick shooter and the games big issue, no Linux support. Since Exordium Games are looking to release the game sometime in Q2 2018.

QUBE 2 experience the new gameplay trailer

qube 2 experience the new gameplay trailer coming to linux windows games

QUBE 2 gets a new gameplay trailer, which is also coming to Linux games. So independent developer Toxic Games is showing off more of the games puzzles.

So this is also the sequel to the award-winning original game. Which does have Linux support, which did come later. The new trailer showcases how Q.U.B.E. 2 begins in cold, pristine environments. Before more natural elements begin to encroach into the spaces of the monolith. Since this is what players will be exploring.

Launching on Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in Q1 2018, followed by Linux via Steam.

InnerSpace flying exploration launches today

innerspace flying exploration launches today for linux mac windows gaming

InnerSpace the exploration flying launches today for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games set in a universe of inside-out planets. Available now on Steam and Humble Store for $19.99 USD.

The first release from PolyKnight Games, developed in Unity 3D. InnerSpace is a dizzying and impressive journey of discovery. While players explore the heart of the Inverse. Which is a dying realm where entire civilizations have perished. Yet ancient gods still wonder.

So you must help the Archaeologist recover the last remaining memories. All before they are lost forever.

Fly through ancient skies and abandoned oceans. All to discover the lost history of this fading realm. Where entire civilizations have been lost.

HELLION survival simulator native port update

Hellion survival simulator games update for a linux port to hit the top 10

Hellion maybe not be in everyone’s Top 10 right now, but we do have a Linux port update. Since the games development uses Unity 3D. It’s about that time that a native release should be in the discussions.

Death Trash a Fallout-like post-apocalyptic RPG

death trash a post-apocalyptic rpg like fallout for linux mac windows gaming

Death Trash is a modern post-apocalyptic RPG in development for Linux, Mac and Windows. Taking inspiration from RPG classic Ultima 7. Including a strong focus on a living world. Including influence from the narrative heavy Planescape: Torment.

The game design focuses on action elements and a strong narrative. While using real-time combat, dialogue and item crafting.
Letting the player be part of this growing fictional world. Only showing a few things yet explaining some of them. With just a hint of what lies beyond.
So the art, narrative, dialogue, descriptions and all be part of this unique design. While the player is tasked with surviving the post-apocalyptic world. Including some seriously larger-than-life beasts.

Corridor Z another violent zombie adventure

corridor z another violent zombie adventure for linux mac windows on steam

Corridor Z is a violent zombie adventure on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. Where the story takes place in an ordinary high school. And you guessed it, a zombie outbreak occurs. Since you one person in a group of survivors on the run for your life.

This time you don’t ‘face’ the obstacles, but the actual pursuit. Don’t let the zombies catch you up. Throw them various obstacles and aim for the head. All before they take the first bite.

Return of Red Riding Hood releasing on Steam

return of red riding hood visual novel releasing on steam for linux mac windows

Return of Red Riding Hood Enhanced Edition is visual novel releasing on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since this is a collection of alternative realities. Giving a whole new perspective on the age old story.

Therefore, how events turn out. As well as how they end will depend on your choices. Taking visual novels to a new level of creativity. Seeing this is a genre that gets somewhat passed by in gaming.

Cendric RPG and Platformer coming in March

cendric rpg and platformer coming in march for linux mac windows via steam

Cendric is an RPG and platformer coming to Linux, Mac and Windows in March 2018 via Steam. Since the player follows the story of a boy with no memory. Yet somehow discovers the magical but dangerous world of Admantris.

Also, the gameplay features both a sidescroller and top-down view. Including spells from various classes of magic. Each one can be mastered which is then used to fight enemies and solve puzzles. So this makes for a less than a-typical RPG. Including more variation in platformer style of gameplay.

Outpost Zero announcement and native release

outpost zero announcement and linux mac windows release in gaming

Outpost Zero is a first person release from symmetric games studio tinyBuild. While gaming looks promising the studio has not released platform support. So we reached out to tinyBuild directly.