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Fort Triumph fantasy X-Com tactical RPG on Kickstarter with Demo

fort triumph fantasy X-Com tactical RPG on Kickstarter with demo in linux gaming news

Right now in gaming news, Fort Triumph tactical #RPG has made a crowdfunding debut on #Kickstarter. Hence a game described as “Fantasy XCOM” for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. A mix of sophisticated #tactical combat with RPG influences. So this includes character customization, equipment, inventory and the right amount of tabletop. Well worth taking a look into, with a free Demo. Read on…

So is all RPG’s there is adventure, choices and consequences. Therefore viewing campaign map or in the midst of battle. Players will have to make informed decisions that affect how gaming is carried out. So pay attention to certain events and neglect others. Such as risking the death of an experienced hero or sacrifice peasants instead. Fort Triumph is designed to test your judgement and avoid danger.

Developer Fort Triumph Team believe in DRM-Free products and involving the community. So the news that this game will be released on Steam Early Access this summer for Windows PC is impressive. Follow by Linux and Mac, then consoles.

Fort Triump Demo

No news is better than a Free game Download on IndieDB, Gamejolt, Steam.

Fort Triumph is filled with all sorts of terrain, locations and places of interest. So players will battle in mighty castles and ruined outposts. Traversing thick forests and raging rivers. Even exploring crypts, caves, snowy mountains in the tactical RPG.
Settlements like towns and taverns will provide rest to your parties. Then gather strength, hire mercenaries, buy and sell equipment and also get drunk.

Since replayability plays a big part in the gaming experience. Fort Triumph will have multiple storylines to tell the many tales and happenings. So the fantasy, lore, insight, setting, all keep the gaming experience fresh.


Battle with your squad against swarms of enemies on a tile based map. Hence the combat aspect of Fort Triumph relies on your ability to outwit enemies. While using the environment, sharp tactical senses and smart use of the abilities. Such as dropping a pillar on the enemy.

Combat Features

  • Destructible Cover – objects on the map can provide cover, be destroyed, or manipulated. Take caution where you place your heroes since the same rules apply to you.
  • Dynamic Environment – Push, pull and topple objects, kick enemies into each other or against walls. Drown them in deep waters, or even manipulate large objects to create new passageways.
  • Permadeath – In most fantasy stories the heroes always overcome. Well, this isn’t this kind of story. In the heat of battle there are no second chances. If a hero dies, there is no turning back.
  • Various Mission Goals – Not all battles are the same. The various goals may include assassinations, artifact hunts, rescue and defensive missions, ambushes, and more.


Fort Triumph Team plans to make each run relatively short. Yet both fun and unique across Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

The locales and areas on the campaign map are random. So the routes and quests are always different. The battlefields are also random. Players will never know for sure where the enemies will come from. Or where to find the hidden treasures on the map for the tactical RPG.


The fantasy of Fort Triumph is filled with magic and ruthlessness, thus a group of specially trained combatants is needed to succeed in this unforgiving world.

  • Mage – Schooled in the arts of the arcane, the Mages are powerful and dangerous.
    Able to manipulate the elements of the earth and perform highly effective spells from a safe distance, this group of mystics are as power-hungry as they are wise.
  • Paladin – A beacon of stability in a chaos-wreathed world.
    These heroic soldiers inspire courage in an ally and fear in the heart of a foe. The Paladin is a holy warrior, capable of dealing massive blows and absorb the heat in the frontlines of battle.
  • Ranger – Hawks of the ground. These rogues with their extraordinary vision are deadly from afar as they are from the shadows. Rangers are naturally adept at traversing difficult terrains and getting in the most difficult areas to flank their quarry unseen.
  • Savage – Your friendly neighborhood cannibal! These guys are warm hearted and warm-blooded altogether. With a short temper and fetish for death and bones, the Savages will tear to pieces whoever dares to face them, with nothing but their bare hands.



In Fort Triumph, no two heroes are the same. Each will have their own personality and will react differently to certain events. The uniqueness of the characters, their opinions and behavior. Hence what gives grace to the adventure.


As expected from a hardcore D&D game, the world is rich with all sorts of monsters, and each class of monsters have their own hierarchy of combatants; goblin shamans, boar riders, cackling skeletons and more.

The tactical RPG Fort Triumph is looking for Kickstarter support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. And if you have yet to try the Free Demo, do so it’s worth playing.

Stay tuned for more news.

Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae coming to Linux May 25th

two worlds II: call of the tenebrae coming to linux May 25th in gaming news

The RPG phenomenon is back in gaming news, Two Worlds II will make a big return. Hence the work of creative teams from #TopWareInteractive and Reality Pump Studios will release the game on Linux, #SteamOS, Mac and Windows PC. So players can expect to see Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae #launching on May 25, 2017. So grab your gear, sharpen that blade and ready your bow. As we return to Antaloor, this time on Linux and SteamOS.

So Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae throw the Hero into a decades-old mystery. A battle against a hideous, ancient evil known as The Tenebrae. And since the stakes have never been higher. Our hero won’t face this threat alone, with cross-platform co-op and multiplayer. So friends and foes both new and old await the player. All while you fight to discover the truth behind a powerful secret that will shake the Two Worlds universe to its core.

“When we started development on Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae in early 2016. We underestimated how excited our team would be to get back to Antaloor. It took longer than expected. But we ended up with a 10+ hour adventure that is nearly a full sized release. Due to how large Call of the Tenebrae became. We’ve decided to release our game as an add-on to Two Worlds II. So in addition to a standalone version for fans both new and old.” – Alexandra Constandache, CEO TopWare Interactive

Players can expect 10+ hours of thrilling gaming. Therefore you can experience Antaloor like never before. With a major HD engine update. Also packed with new locations, enemies, weapons and achievements. Hence Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae will release on Linux, SteamOS, Mac and Windows PC.

While also coming available is the season pass. Including Call of the Tenebrae and the soon to be released follow up DLC,  Shattered Embrace(Q4-2017). Hence 2 upcoming multiplayer map packs, plus a bunch new deluxe digital content. Including in-game bonus items, the art book, the Two Worlds II compendium. Yet also including game soundtracks and even more.

So Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae new adventure will be an add-on DLC for $9.99 USD. Or buy the Two Worlds II core game separately as a stand-alone title for $14.99 USD. We will have more news and hopefully an official trailer soon.

Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae screenshot 1 Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae screenshot 2

Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae screenshot 3 Two Worlds II: Call of the Tenebrae screenshot 4

Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation and end of year Linux support

ashes of the singularity: escalation and end of year linux support in gaming news

Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation has cropped up in gaming news. Hence the #strategy RPG simulation #game looks like it will have a Linux build with #Vulkan support by year end. Thanks to the dedicated fan base and avid Linux gamers eager to see a native port. This is just one way we see more native support, a higher demand.

So a comment from a Stardock Entertainment developer has shown up the Steam discussions outlined a rough release date.

“Hi all – Had a discussion about this and at best we’re looking at end of 2017 for Linux support.”

Although it’s a bit too early to tell, the fact that Vulkan is mentioned outlines some positive intent. And personally, I have not put a great deal of time into playing other Stardock Entertainment titles. Yet I do know that the Galactic Civilization’s titles have amicable success. While Sins of a Solar Empire has had tremendous success. Since the average rating for those games ranges from 82 – 92 in the Steam reviews. And the developers just keep adding more and more to the gaming experience.

So to top things off, Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation has just received a massive update. Hence including a Game Replay function to replay what you opponents were doing, with up to 3 replays automatically saved. Plus Balance Adjustments, so things like changing core gameplay values while tweaking most the units for both the PHC and the Substrate. Modding Support, which is how games now live longer and improve thanks to the fan base. Hence the modders guide. And finally New Maps, a 12-player Terran map and Aenghus, the 10-player desert map righid for 8 players or enclosed 4v4 team gaming.


The human race has expanded into the galaxy thanks to the wonders of the technological singularity. Player have become so powerful that you can manage vast armies across an entire world. Providing you with an ever greater galactic empire.

So now humanity is under assault by a new enemy. Calling themselves the Substrate, they seek to annihilate the human race from existence. You, as an up and coming member of the Post-Human Coalition. Hence dealing with both this new menace as well as renegade humans trying to lay claim to their own worlds.

Play as the Post Human Coalition or their eternal foes the Substrate. While battling for control of the galaxy. Experience maps of unprecedented size and detail. With the unparalleled power of the world’s first native 64-bit RTS engine, Nitrous.

Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation Features:

    Huge maps can house over a dozen players at once and is perfect for a ‘comp stomp’ or a chaotic free-for-all.
    The global view feature lets you use the mouse wheel to zoom out and exercise greater control over your armies. Easily see the entire battlefield and control large groups of units effectively.
    Wage war across landscapes of massive crystal formations or storm your enemy’s base across spans of volcanic pits and burning terrain.
    Plenty of map options allow for variety and challenge in both single and multiplayer games!
    Add to the gameplay dynamic with unique units for both the PHC and the Substrate! Battle your enemies with heavily armored units, powerful aircraft, helpful support bots, and more.
    Surprise your enemies with unexpected orbital attacks to slow their armies and halt their progress or protect your Nexus by upgrading your defensive structures

Since the Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation gaming experience takes players online. This should not be news, yet playing online with friends in ranked or unranked multiplayer modes. Or even playing by yourself against powerful non-cheating AI in skirmish or campaign mode. So no matter how you want to take on the strategy is what it’s all about. Hence figuring out what technologies to research, where to send your armies or how to manage your economy. Therefore the type of units you construct are crucial to winning.

Also, it should not be news to anyone, this a massive-scale real time strategy game. Therefore players will wage war across worlds with thousands of units. So choose a side.

Currently Ashes of the Singularity: Escalation is available on Steam, Humble Store and GOG. So Linux support with Vulkan is some great news. More details coming soon.

Echoes Of Aetheria now available on Linux and Mac

echoes of aetheria now available on linux and mac in gaming news

In gaming news, developer Dancing Dragon Games quietly announced the Linux and Mac #release for Echoes of Aetheria. Hence this #steampunk #RPG is now available fully cross-platform. Developed in RPG Maker and release more than a year ago. Where the gaming experience is but a humble beginning.


A wedding gets interrupted, a bride kidnapped while our heroes give chase. Since their motifs are different. These heroes quickly find themselves thrown together. So their simple quest to recover the bride soon spirals into a saga of war, love, and betrayal.

Hence treason, defection, rebellion, and even the creation of a new nation. All part of gaming, which players will have a role to play. While you progress, the scope of the story will developer with your heroes. So by the end, players will have to weigh decisions carefully. As their consequences rest the entire fate of nations.


  • Characters Make the Story Echoes of Aetheria is more than just a story; it’s a tale about people. Every character has fully fleshed out dreams, goals, motivations, and flaws. These characters exist in a world with its own legends, intrigue, and drama. In turn, this sets the stage for our story, which begins as a whimsical light-hearted adventure and ends as an epic campaign of unprecedented size and scope.
  • There’s No Place Like Home – As you travel around the world, you’ll always have a home base to return to. This home is more than just a place to hang your hat; it’s the news hub on which the wheel of the story spins. Shop, craft, and converse with members of your party to progress story elements. Participate in the Battle Arena combat challenges for fun, loot, and xp!
  • Explore Like Magellan – Finding loot from exploration is only one reward. Gain experience from these hidden caches as well. Take the time to explore the world and be rewarded in full!
  • Get Busy Crafting – THOUSANDS of items can be crafted, salvaged, or augmented. A fully integrated crafting system lets you create, purchase, or sell the materials when gaming. Those who fully explore the system will be rewarded in combat!

Battle and Enemies:

  • Random Encounters? Not Here! – Enemies all have their own map AI. Will you brute force through encounters or stealthily sneak by to save resources? You can sneak up behind an enemy to gain the advantage of surprise. But be wary, because they can also sneak up on you!
  • A New Battle System – Tired of JRPGs that still rely on outdated RPG mechanics? Echoes of Aetheria features a new 15 tile combat system using both sides of the battlefield. Character position and formations are just as important as the skills and spells you’ll use.
  • Sweeping Orchestral Sound – Our epic soundtrack will keep you enjoying every last n

Since this news post is about Linux. I would like to point out that Echoes Of Aetheria is available on both Steam and Humble Store for $14.99 USD. Hence no native release discount and the Humble Store does issue a Steam key. So it’s not exactly news that you will have Linux support registering that Steam key.

Cosmic Star Heroine sci-fi RPG coming to Linux soon

cosmic star heroine sci-fi rpg coming to linux soon in gaming news

Since #Zeboyd Games are back in the news. Their latest new #retro-styled RPG gaming #adventure Cosmic Star Heroine [official site] has made a debut on Steam. Hence this is exciting news for Linux since the native release is expected to follow. However the Zeboyd are working on the Linux and Mac port.

Linux support:

According to developer Zeboyd, Linux is going to be in the mix. Consider this a formal confirmation.

“I don’t know when the Linux build is coming, but it’s still planned.”

Since the studio name might not ring a bell, think Cthulhu Saves the World. Which is not available for Linux, but playable in Wine. So the new Cosmic Star Heroine title is not available for Linux yet. But does hold RPG inspirations from Quake 3, Chrono Trigger and Phantasy Star. Hence the Cosmic Star Heroine story revolves around a top space spy gone rogue after uncovering a conspiracy. The Zeboyd developers create some great games. So it’s great to see this on is out, even if it is only on Windows so far. Which was originally planned a couple of years earlier during the Kickstarter in 2013.

Check out the launch trailer:

Since gaming revolves around Alyssa L’Salle, the top agent of the Agency of Peace & Intelligence. After she uncovers some terrible truths, not burned by the Agency. Hence she ventures across the galaxy recruiting a party to fight back in turn-based combat.


  • The best of classic and modern RPGs!
  • Brisk pacing that respects your time! Save anywhere!
  • No separate battle screen! Battles take place directly in the areas that you explore!
  • 2D visual style straight from the height of gaming’s 16-bit era!
  • Animated cutscenes reminiscent of the Sega CD & Turbo Duo era!
  • Soundtrack by HyperDuck SoundWorks (Dust: An Elysian Tail, Precipice of Darkness 4)!
  • Over 100 minutes of music!
  • Multi-character combo techniques!
  • Innovative turn-based combat system that focuses on flow & strategy!
  • Your own spaceship! Recruit new agents to help your home base grow!

Since Zeboyd’s retro RPG’s seem to have a polish consistency. We are pleased to have news of a coming Linux release. Yet they look like forgotten 16-bit games discovered in modern day. The developer duo have had plans to release Cosmic Star Heroine in 2014. However we do not have an exact release date for the native build. We will update this post accordingly.

So right now and until April 18, get 20% launch-week discount for Cosmic Star Heroine. Available on Steam and the Humble Store. Hence bringing Cosmic Star Heroine down to £8.49/11,99€/$11.99.