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Chromasia turn-based tactical RPG hits Early Access

chromasia turn-based tactical rpg hits early access for linux mac windows

Chromasia is a new turn-based Tactical RPG for Linux, Mac and Windows on Steam Early Access. Which also comes with a launch week discount.

Ganbare! Super Strikers tactical RPG soccer releasing soon

ganbare super strikers tactical rpg soccer releasing soon on linux mac windows

Ganbare! Super Strikers is a tactical RPG soccer game releasing soon on Linux, Mac and Windows. All thanks to indie developer rese is eager to announce the release coming this month.

City of the Shroud tactical RPG native support update

city of the shroud tactical rpg linux support update

Chapter one of City of the Shroud the real-time tactical RPG will release Chapter one August 9th on Mac and Windows, but what about Linux? We reached out to Abyssal Arts to see what is going on with the launch.

Depth of Extinction coming to Early Access

depth of extinction tactical rpg coming to early access for linux mac windows

Depth of Extinction (DoE) is a tactical RPG with roguelike elements for Linux, Mac and Windows is coming to Early Access. The game features in-depth strategic gameplay and high replay value. But the best part, it’s playable now on Itch.io.

Cyberpunk 2077 futuristic RPG native support

cyberpunk 2077 open world rpg coming to windows pc no linux

Cyberpunk 2077 is a new futuristic RPG coming to Windows, but what about Linux?
LGC reached out to CD PROJEKT RED, the creators of The Witcher series of games. Who are eager to present the E3 trailer for Cyberpunk 2077.

Corrupted RPG and visual novel releases

corrupted arcade rpg and visual novel releases on linux mac windows

Corrupted the mix of arcade, RPG and visual novel releases on Linux, Mac and Windows . The singleplayer games is also available on Steam Early Access this week. And also, the reviews are quite good.

Robothorium releases on Early Access today

robothorium releases on early access today in linux mac windows games

Robothorium releases on Early Access for Linux, Mac and Windows today. Goblinz studio brings the roguelike RPG that puts you in the circuits of Skynet. So gather your team of robots, choose your allies and lead your troops to the next robotic era. Check it out on Steam and Humble Store.

Final Equinox: The Arrival RPG on Kickstarter

final equinox the arrival turn based combat rpg on kickstarter for linux mac windows

Final Equinox: The Arrival is a Sci-Fi RPG for Linux, Mac and Windows. The crowdfunding campaign just launched on Kickstarter with a pledge goal of 30,000 USD. Running until July 1st 2018.

Cultist Simulator RPG Sim Card Game launches

cultist simulator rpg sim card game launches on linux mac windows

The award-winning Cultist Simulator is an RPG simulator card game for Linux, Mac and Windows. Also the new game from Fallen London and Sunless Sea creator Alexis Kennedy. Which comes with a special bonus for week-one buyers.

Re‑Legion cyberpunk RPG coming Fall 2018

re‑legion cyberpunk RPG coming fall 2018 for linux mac windows

Re‑Legion is a violent cyberpunk strategy RPG coming to Linux, Mac and Windows, Fall 2018. While publisher IC are proud to its newest game. Also developed by Ice Code Games and scheduled for release in Fall 2018.

Moonlighter roguelite releases on Steam

moonlighter action rpg gets a release date for linux mac windows

Moonlighter is an Action RPG with rogue-lite elements is now available on Mac and Windows. following the everyday routines of the aforementioned Will, Rynoka’s ambitious shopkeeper that dreams of becoming a hero.

Juicy Realm will not see native support

juicy realm action rpg adventure mac windows no linux support

Juicy Realm will not see Linux support, just Mac and Windows. Since the game released back on May 3rd, we were hoping for more positive details regarding native support. But X.D. Network Inc., a leading China publisher working with SpaceCan, an indie Chinese developer do not have plans. Sad but true.

Die for Valhalla launches with day one support

Die for Valhalla beat em up rpg launches with day one support linux mac windows

Die for Valhalla! 4 player action RPG launches support for Linux, as well as Mac and Windows. Available now on both Steam and Humble Store.

The Bard’s Tale IV demo walkthrough video

the bard's tale iv demo walkthrough video for linux mac windows

The Bard’s Tale IV has a new demo walkthrough video for Linux, Mac and Windows. Which released from inXile a couple of days back. And since we are looking forward to the full release. The demo does looks impressive. Which is somewhat of a given for an Unreal Engine 4 title.

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