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Company of Crime strategy support uncertain

company of crime strategy support uncertain for linux beside windows pc

Company of Crime empire-builder strategy support for Linux support beside Windows PC. According to developer Resistance Games. Which is due to release this summer on Humble Store and Steam.

Total War: SHOGUN II now Free to Keep

total war: shogun ii now free to keep game on linux mac windows pc

Total War: SHOGUN II is now Free to keep game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to the efforts of SEGA and developer CREATIVE ASSEMBLY. Which you can now download and install via Steam.

Bot Net: Ramshackle Robotics crowdfunding date

bot net: ramshackle robotics crowdfunding date for linux windows pc

Bot Net: Ramshackle Robotics turn based strategy is coming to crowdfunding for Windows PC, but with Linux already in mind. According to a recent reply from developer Caffeineware. And also release a campaign on IndieGoGo soon.

Total World War 4 player strategy incoming

total world war 4 player strategy incoming for linux mac windows pc

Total World War is 4 player strategy game incoming for Windows PC, but has Linux and Mac in mind. Thanks to developer Zero Games Studio feedback. The game is also due to release in 2020.

Strategic Mind: The Pacific release and support

strategic mind the pacific release and support for linux windows pc

Strategic Mind: The Pacific has a release date for Windows PC, plus we have Linux support feedback. Thanks developer Starni Games studio. Who are also eager to announce the launch on Steam.

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