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BB-8 is playable in Besiege through Steam Workshop for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Star Wars is a really big deal everywhere and that includes a medieval destruction simulator, Besiege.

Besiege sandbox phyics title is now using Unity 5 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Spiderling Studios has released an update for Besiege which ports the game to the Unity 5 engine, offering a significant boost to the game’s performance.

A video has also been created to display a performance comparison between Unity 4 & 5.

Besiege physics puzzle game available now for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

Besiege is a simulation puzzle game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC, where the player takes on war machines that appear to be like something out of a history book. The game is a physics puzzler building game in which you construct medieval siege engines and lay waste to immense fortresses and peaceful hamlets. Piecing together pistons, hinges, blades, bombs, saws, spikes, cannons, wheels, wings, and other bits into death machines able to annihilate armies, crush castles, and conquer kingdoms. Taking your behemoth over ground or to the skies, causing carnage in fully destructible environment.


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