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Besiege sandbox phyics title is now using Unity 5 for Linux, Mac and Windows PC


Spiderling Studios has released an update for Besiege which ports the game to the Unity 5 engine, offering a significant boost to the game’s performance.

A video has also been created to display a performance comparison between Unity 4 & 5.

Some information about the Unity 5 update:

  • Unity 5 uses a much more up to date version of PhysX that supports multi-threading.
  • Tests show up to a 400% increase in FPS
  • Besiege is now more stable when using large machines (Tested machines with up to 3000 blocks)
  • Update also adds new ‘Pin’ block for anchoring blocks, preventing them from moving.
  • Update also adds new ‘Infinite Ammo’ god power (Cheat), that allows cannons to fire an unlimited number of times and prevents flamethrowers from running out of fuel.

Unity 5 brings some significant performance improvements as well as some changes to the game’s physics, which overall makes for a more stable experience. As you can see from the testing video, this marks a 400% increase in performance on some machines.

The two biggest issues we have named “Wobbly Wheels Syndrome” and “Symmetrical Vibration Glitch”.

  • Wobbly Wheels Syndrome (WWS) means that in some cases the wheels bend on their joints, often storing up force and then suddenly releasing it or causing enough pressure to break the block that they’re attached to. Most of the time WWS doesn’t impact gameplay what-so-ever but because of this issue, some steering methods can become extremely unstable, especially if used on a very heavy machine.
  • Symmetrical Vibration Glitch (SVG) normally occurs when you build a symmetrical pattern that is suspended from 1 central block. The engine appears to have trouble discharging vibration energy if a pattern is symmetrical, allowing it to become more and more violent until it rips itself apart. SVG can be prevented by bracing between the opposite ends of a pattern.

Below you can find couple of the things Spiderling have been working on which players can expect to see in the next update:

  • Camera Block
    We’ve been working on an invisible camera block that can be attached to your machine. You can configure it to behave in a variety of ways, switching to the view of the camera block using a hotkey and it can be used for things like chase cams.
  • Block Search Function
    The block search function allows you to quickly and easily search for blocks across all categories, including blocks that you add to the game using added by mods!

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