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Pre-orders now open for Evoland 2, coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC


#ShiroGames #announced that Evoland 2: A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder will initially #release for Windows PC on August 25th, with Linux and Mac versions to follow. Players who pre-order Evoland 2 though the official website will receive a special 10% discount, as well as a digital art book.

Evoland 2 is an a full-blown RPG adventure and the spiritual successor to the original Evoland with its graphics style changing as you travel through time and it’s gameplay evolving as you move along the storyline. It is also a much bigger game and a classic RPG at heart, with a complex scenario based on time travel, dozens of characters with their own backgrounds and ambitions and vastly different gameplay styles that are linked to the story and the player’s actions.

Typical for the Evoland series, the graphic style evolves through the course of the game, from 8-bit sprites to full 3D battles, and loosens up the new adventure with a wide variety of gameplay sections parodying different genres. Players can expect beat‘em all battles, challenging puzzles, pixel-perfect platforming and a tense shoot’em up – plus more.

“By confirming to our fans when Evoland 2 will release, we hope the excitement and anticipation will garner further awareness of this very special game. We are taking every measure to deliver a memorable experience that delivers on the original vision we had set for the original Evoland. This is going to be an epic adventure through the world of videogames and we hope players will join us,”  says Sebastien Vidal, CEO of Shiro Games.

Evoland 2 is going to be a singleplayer standalone for fans and those who have yet to play the original Evoland.

Also, check out what is happening and follow Shiro Games on Twitter and Facebook.


Evoland 2 spiritual successor RPG coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC

If you remember Evoland, the console RPG from Game Boy to GameCube. Then Evoland 2 is the #spiritualsuccessor to the #original #Evoland with its graphics style, changing as you travel through time, gameplay evolving as you move along the storyline. Much bigger but still a classic RPG at heart, with a complex scenario based on time travel, dozens of characters with their own backgrounds, ambitions, and vastly different gameplay styles. All linked to the story and the player’s actions.

Now the first gameplay trailer’s has been released and it’s way more than RPG’s.

Evoland 2 , which bears the subtitle A Slight Case of Spacetime Continuum Disorder is a full-blown RPG adventure with an epic story, deep combat and customization options, dozens of characters to interact with and varied locations to visit. Developer Shiro Games are going from 8-bit sprites to full 3D battles, and new adventure with a wide variety of gameplay sections parodying different genres.
So players can expect beat‘em all battles, challenging puzzles, pixel-perfect platforming and a tense shoot’em up. This is the game that just keeps on giving.

Evoland 2 is due to release on Windows PC this summer, priced at $19.99/£14.99/19,99€/$19.99. While the Linux and Mac versions are very much planned, but will release after. And you can pre-order the game from the Evoland 2 official website.


Thumbleweed Park a Maniac Mansion spiritual successor now on Kickstarter

The creators of #seminal point-and-click adventure game Maniac Mansion, Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick, are back with what they’re calling “the true spiritual successor” to that #Lucasfilm Games classic and others, like The Secret of Monkey Island. Their new #game is called Thimbleweed Park and doesn’t hold with any of that modern graphics and conventions nonsense.

Gilbert and Winnick are taking Thimbleweed Park to Kickstarter, hoping to raise $375,000 to create the retro-styled point-and-click adventure. Thimbleweed Park, they say, “cuts to the core of what made classic point-and-click adventure games so special … It’s deep, it’s challenging, it’s funny, it’s everything you loved about adventure games.”

“It’s like opening a dusty old desk drawer and finding an undiscovered LucasArts adventure game you’ve never played before,” the game’s Kickstarter page reads.

Thimbleweed Park tells the story of “two washed up detectives called in to investigate a dead body found in the river just outside of town”. It features five playable characters and pixels so big “a family of six could live inside of and still have room for Uncle Pete when he drops in unexpectedly on his way to the coast”.

Players will take control of five playable characters and solve puzzles using the classic verb interface based on LucasArts’ SCUMM engine. Some of the items shown in a gameplay video include a balloon animal, a can of tuna and what appears to be the chainsaw lifted straight out of Maniac Mansion. With its 8-bit, big pixel style and old-school interface, Thimbleweed Park “strips away all the cruft built up over the years and is distilled down to what we loved about the genre,” the game’s creators say.

Check out the pitch video below. Gilbert and Winnick are looking for $375,000 to bring the game to market. There are various rewards on offer and this one, at $25, is my favourite:

Gilbert and Winnick say they’ll be the “core of the team” behind Thimbleweed Park, adding a handful of other team members as game development progresses. “We’re fully devoting ourselves to Thimbleweed Park in the same way we did Maniac Mansion, Monkey Island and everything else we do,” they say.

Kickstarter backers can get a digital copy of the game for a $20 pledge. For $25, backers get a copy of the game and absolution of guilt for pirating Maniac Mansion in their youth. Higher tier rewards include a poster, a t-shirt, a physical collector’s edition, a one-off Thimbleweed Park plushie and more.

Thimbleweed Park is being developed for Linux, Mac and Windows PC, and has an estimated release of June 2016. You can also follow Ron Gilbert on Twitter @grumpygamer.


Satellite Reign first 95-second pre-alpha video

This is what #SyndicateWars spiritual successor Satellite Reign looks like in action.

It was successfully Kickstarter last summer and is in development for PC (Windows, Linux) and Mac, and is powered by #Unity.

“It’s very much a pre alpha build being demo’ed, nothing here is really final, the UI, audio, weapons and effects are 100% placeholder, in fact it’s so early we weren’t going to show any combat or civilians,” 5 Lives explains. The dev had only intended to make a quick video showing off the agents’ coats whipped up by the breeze of passing cars but, well, then it started exploring a little, and shot some security cameras, and started a firefight.

“The video was originally meant to demonstrate the agents’ coats reacting to wind from the cars zooming by, but before we knew it we were showing crowds of civilians, CCTV cameras, cover usage, x-ray camera mode and even a couple of enemies.”

Diskett created Syndicate Wars 15 years ago, and is making Satellite Reign at Brisbane, Australia studio 5 Lives.

Satellite Reign differs from similar game Shadowrun Returns (also cyberpunk, also Kickstarted, also built on Unity) in that the action unfolds in real-time rather than in turns.

Satellite Reign is headed to PC, Mac, and Linux. You can still pledge cash to get Kickstarter backer rewards, if you fancy.

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