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Noahmund new JRPG and native support

noahmund new jrpg and linux support beside mac and windows

Noahmund [official website] a gorgeous new JRPG from Estudio Àbrego, getting support on Mac and Windows, but not Linux. And since the game will arrive soon on Steam, we have details about platform support. Seeing Linux support is the only platform missing.

Xenosis: Alien Infection passes funding on Fig

xenosis alien infection top down survival passes funding on fig for linux mac windows

Xenosis: Alien Infection a retro-inspired, top down sci-fi adventure and survival game on Fig crowdfunding for Linux, Mac and Windows. A story-driven single-player experience, passes its $25,000 USD funding goal on Fig. While currently at $29,544 USD at the time of writing.

Priest exorcist simulator upcoming Unity game

priest exorcist simulator upcoming unity game for linux and windows

Priest an exorcist simulator coming to Windows and hopefully Linux via Steam. So next year players will be able to play the role of an exorcist who deals with a series of demonic possession in a mysterious village.

Priest is also a new indie game from the Delirma studio. Offering, demanding gameplay, a dark history, numerous RPG elements and unconventional graphic design.

So expect the release on the Steam in the summer of 2019. But what about Linux?

FAR: Lone Sails support may be coming later

far lone sails post apocalyptic adventure support may be coming later to linux

FAR: Lone Sails is a 2.5D post-apocalyptic adventure for Windows and Mac, but may be coming later to Linux. Since the games expecting to release on May 17, 2018. Along with the release of the atmospheric vehicle adventure game. There will also be a digital artbook and soundtrack available. These will be separate DLC’s or bundled with the game in a digital collector’s edition.

But what about Linux support? We reached out to developer Okomotive for positive feedback.

Lake Ridden no native release disappointment

lake ridden release does not have Linux just disappointment

Lake Ridden adventure puzzle game hit Steam with a release for Window, but no Linux. Also a significant disappointment seeing the games Steam Reviews are 100% Positive. So players get the jist of the gameplay.

Murderous Pursuits lacks native support

murderous pursuits lacks linux support beside windows in steam games

Murderous Pursuits [official website] mystery action simulation game for Windows, but does not support Linux. Since this is a Unity 3D game, it seems only fitting to have a Linux release. Since we reached to developer Blazing Griffin previously. There seems to be an issue about community demand.

Underworld Ascendant support coming later

underworld ascendant linux support coming later on steam

Underworld Ascendant is an first person action RPG published by [505 Games], who just announced details about Linux and Mac support.

Through the Darkest of Times strategy reveal

through the darkest of times strategy reveal for linux mac and windows

Through the Darkest of Times [official website] is a new strategy game reveal for Linux, Mac and Windows. Since this lets you play a resistance group in Third Reich Berlin.

A big shout out to Nevertheless on Twitter for the details. And getting in contact with developer Paintbucket Games. 🙂

NoReload Heroes co-op roguelike coming soon

noreload heroes co-op roguelike coming soon to widnows and linux games

NoReload Heroes co-op roguelike coming soon to Steam for Windows, but also a Linux build?
So according Stupid Stupid Games, NoReload Heroes will release very soon. Since it will be featured at Square Enix Collective, launching April 27th, 2018.

Pantropy sci-fi mech FPS Hybrid on Kickstarter

pantropy sci-fi mech fps hybrid on kickstarter games for windows, linux and mac later

Pantropy, a Sci-fi Mech FPS Hybrid with RPG elements on Kickstarter for Windows. Also including strong PVE and PVP gameplay. Officially rebooted their Kickstarter with a goal of 20,000 €. The campaign quickly met a 30% funding goal. All within the first hour and now almost doubling their goal. Brainstone Games GmbH is planning to launch on Steam Early Access. Which is also coming sometime in Q3 of 2018 post crowdfunding success.

The Last Friend a new strategic beat em up

the last friend a new strategic beat em up for linux mac windows games

The Last Friend is a Tower-Defence game coming to Linux, Mac and Windows. While gameplay features strategic Beat’em-up elements. Where players must balance their attack and defence tactics. All in order to defend their mobile dog shelter.

The Snowboard Game could see native support

the snowboard game could see linux support in games for windows

The Snowboard Game is a new sports simulation game coming to Windows via Steam, but could see Linux support. Since this is a realistic skill based snowboard game with natural physics. Which is set in multiple immersive mountain locations and snow parks.

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare support update

freeman: guerrilla warfare support update linux in windows games

Freeman: Guerrilla Warfare which we introduced last month is on Early Access, but no Linux support. Since the game engine of choice is Unity 3D, one would expect native support. Well we just received an email from developer KK Game Studio.

Crazy Dreamz: Best Of and a native release

crazy dreamz best of and a linux release beside mac windows games

Crazy Dreamz: Best Of could see a Linux release on Steam. The games developer Dreamz Studio is announcing the upcoming launch of the first crowd-developed game. This also collates and transforms the 100 best user-crafted levels made in Crazy Dreamz: MagiCats Edition. Which now an entirely new game experience.

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