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War Thunder popular Summer Event Marathon

war thunder popular summer event marathon linux mac windows games steam

Right now, players get the opportunity to unlock four rare vehicles for free. Which is playable on Linux, Mac and Windows via #Steam. Since this yearly Summer Event series allows you to try out five Destroyer-class warships. And all in the Naval Forces mode.

Gaijin Entertainment just announced a massive expansion to the Naval Forces for action MMO #WarThunder. So now, each of the #games five fleets represented in the games most recent game mode. Now feature their own Destroyers. These include the 1936-class Z20 Karl Galster for Germany and the Tribal-class for Britain. While also including the 7-U-class for the USSR and the Fletcher-class for the USA and Yugumo-class for Japan. So get out there, try all of them in an upcoming Naval Forces testing weekend. The Summer Event is here!!


The first Naval Battles in War Thunder featuring destroyers were received with overwhelmingly positive feedback. So now, Naval Battles feature three different types of vehicles. These are aircraft, torpedo boats and destroyers. Since each allows the player to perfectly adapt their choice of vehicle. Depending on the current situation on the battlefield via Linux, Mac or Windows.

Equipped with the games largest-caliber weapons currently available in Naval Forces. Destroyers can engage opponents over extreme distances. Even up to the opposite end of the map. To defend themselves from torpedo boats and attacking aircraft. They employ a large variety of lower-caliber automatic machine guns and cannons. The War Thunder comprehensive, realistic damage model of Destroyers will allow virtual captains to truly feel ‘at the helm’. Since this is a sizeable warship, requiring them to quickly make important tactical decisions. While the captain himself directs the fire of the main cannons. So they can decide who are the priority targets for the crew manning the secondary armament. Or which sections of the ship to focus on during repairs. In combat, time is of the essence. As damaged destroyers become a prime target for both torpedo boats and bombers.

For those keen to get early access to the regular testing sessions of ship combat. War Thunder you can make your voice heard in the development process. More information is available on Steam or here.


So July 28th saw the start of Operation S.U.M.M.E.R. for War Thunder. A month-long series of rewarding in-game activities. The two ground vehicles up for grabs this year are the Type 65. The powerful Chinese Anti-Aircraft modification of the famous T-34 medium tank for the Soviet tree. The German Sd.Kfz. 234/4 “Pakwagen”, a heavy armored car equipped with a 75mm cannon. Virtual pilots will be able to take off in two new monoplane fighter aircraft. The P-43A-1 Lancer for the USA and the Ki-94-II for Japan. Further detailed information on the event and a daily updated calendar will be available on the official website.

War Thunder can be downloaded Free via Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows. Personally, I have not played the Naval Forces yet. So if someone wants to throw some feedback in a comment below, by all means.

War Thunder adds Italy as new Major Axis Nation

war thunder adds italy as new Major Axis Nation in linux gaming news

Gaijin Entertainment is back in gaming news. Hence announcing the #upcoming #release of a new #playablenation. All for the vehicular combat MMOG War Thunder for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.
So War Thunder Update 1.69, called ‘Regia Aeronautica’, will introduce Italy. The sixth playable nation, represented with its own vehicle tree. Alongside USA, Germany, Great Britain, Japan and USSR. Hence the first new nation added since the launch of War Thunder in gaming.

With the addition of Japanese Ground Forces at the end of last year. All of the game’s nations now have more than 800 aircraft and ground vehicles. So early testing of Naval Forces is full steam ahead. Very soon War Thunder will feature a new nation. We will add more than 20 new Italian vehicles and update the existing models. So Italy will be coming with several dozen aircraft on its launch,” says Kirill Yudintsev, Creative Director of Gaijin Entertainment.

Since Italy’s initial aviation lineup has several dozen aircraft. These range from the famous light and manoeuvrable Italian biplanes of the 1930’s to post-war Jet aircraft. While among those machines is the Fiat CR.32. One of the most mass produced aircraft employed by the Regia Aeronautica at the beginning of World War II. This robust all-metal biplane can withstand serious damage. Even carry bombs into combat. A feature that allows it to temporarily act as a light attack aircraft instead of a fighter. Either to destroy light ground units or suppress the enemy’s anti-aircraft resistance.

Another symbol of Italy’s aviation besides the CR.32 are its famous heavy three-engine bombers. These will also be featured in War Thunder right from the start. Next to the well-known SM.79 Sparviero (the ‘Sparrowhawk’). Other indigenous three-engine designs will be included. Such as the CANT Z.1007bis Alcione, or ‘Kingfisher’. Although the latter was mostly overshadowed by the mass produced ‘Sparrowhawk’. This exceeded its counterpart in both speed and maneuverability. Which could also be equipped with a heavy 840 kg torpedo. This will make it especially useful as an attack aircraft in full-scale Naval battles.

fiat cr 32 war thunder fiat g 55S war thunder

Read more about news about the coming Italian machines in War Thunder’s developer diaries here.

The first Italian fighter aircraft are available for pre-order:

War Thunder is available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

Way of the Samurai major update releases for War Thunder

way of the samurai major update releases for war thunder

Gaijin Entertainment  just announced that update 1.65Way of the Samurai’ has an official #release.  Hence the originally proposed War Thunder game is available and #ends #OpenBeta. Yet all current in-game nations feature their own aircraft and tanks. While the introduction of ships also means that War Thunder now takes the fight to land, air and sea. Gaijin Entertainment will continue its commitment to improving the game through regular updates. As they progress toward the research trees of War Thunder Ships, which currently reside in pre-beta testing.

“After reaching this important development milestone. Which marks the end of Open Beta, the goals set out for War Thunder in 2012 are now complete. We will focus on adding new features and improvements. Therefore virtual pilots, tankers and navy captains enjoy one of the most realistic, extensive and accessible war simulations of all time.” All of this from Kirill Yudintsev, Creative Director of Gaijin Entertainment.

War Thunder’s ‘Way of the Samurai’ update will focus on completing the Armor of the Imperial Japanese Army. While this also adds 30 armored ground forces vehicles. Featuring a full range of light and medium tanks as well as self-propelled guns. Since the anti-aircraft vehicles modelled on interwar vehicles. While proven mid-war workhorses and modern developments of the Cold War era.

War Thunder’s ‘Way of the Samurai’ update trailer:

Update 1.65 Way of the Samurai includes the integration of cockpit interiors for all aircraft with working gauges and indicators. The update contains two new maps for ground and combined arms combat, “Abandoned Factory” and “38th Parallel”. While the first challenges tankers and air support to identify targets in a maze of industrial workshops and loading bays, the latter propels players into the Korean peninsula and is the first ground combat location based on a post-World War II setting.  It also contains a dozen additional ground and air vehicles for other nations bringing the total number of available vehicles to more than 800.

In 2017, Gaijin plans to focus on two major game modes for War Thunder, the previously announced World War mode that allows players to experience massive operations across different theatres of World War II, as well as the full release of War Thunder Naval Forces for all nations.

Work will continue on additional features such as adding new nations, new game modes and further improvements to eSport and other forms of competitive play.

Gaijin Entertainment also used the opportunity of War Thunder‘s release to congratulate players with the start of a series of holiday timed events and specials. Everyone logging into the game until New Year’s will receive a progression booster as a present. In addition, the holiday season will bring a variety of events where players can unlock several Premium vehicles and other content for free.

To find out more head over to the War Thunder devblog page here.

More information about the Japanese tank packs can be found here.

War Thunder is available free-to-play on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.


Desert Hunters 1.63 update hits War Thunder

Desert Hunters 1.63 update hits War Thunder linux mac pc

Gaijin Entertainment today announced that its #awardwinning #free-to-play military #onlinegame, War Thunder, will be introducing new maps and more than 20 new vehicles in its forthcoming 1.63 update for War Thunder’s ten million players to enjoy.

The Desert Hunters 1.63 update will introduce the searing expanse of Egypt’s sparsely populated desert region of Sinai. This large and unforgiving terrain will challenge even the best tankers and pilots as they fight it out in combined battles amongst a myriad of sand dunes and in the ruins of an old village as they battle to capture an oil installation.

War Thunder’s second map is designed for aerial combat located in Greece, the labyrinth of rocky valleys with its twisting turns and obstacles will test the skills of any decent pilot. Players will need to navigate a multi tiered landscape and be on the constant lookout for ‘boom and zoom’ fighter attacks looking to make a surprise kill.

War Thunder’s already massive roster of more than 700 vehicles gets another boost with the addition of new ground vehicles and aircraft. The new WW2 and Cold War era options include three new top rank self-propelled anti-aircraft guns as well as plenty of other new ground vehicles and tanks. One of those is the British Swingfire anti-tank wire guided missile system, which  is sure to pack a punch with its high explosive warhead against armoured vehicles.

First to raise the bar in the anti-air department is the American M163 Vulcan Air Defense System with its massive, six-barreled 20mm Gatling autocannon capable of firing more than 3000 rounds per minute. Equally impressive is the famous Soviet ZSU-23-4 ‘Shilka’ with its 23mm ‘Amur’ quad anti aircraft cannon and Germany’s last cannon-based anti-aircraft tank, the Flakpanzer Gepard, with a twin 35mm Oerlikon KDA autocannon.

The latest 1.63 update will also add the following planes, the giant Blohm & Voss BV 238, one of the largest and heaviest flying boats ever produced by Axis powers during WW2, the plane will also be the biggest aircraft available in War Thunder complete with it’s 60 meter wingspan. The US Air Force will be getting a carrier based jet, the F9F8 Cougar. For Japan, the latest update will see the introduction of the high altitude interceptor the Ki-87 and for the British the Bristol Brigand twin engined anti-shipping / ground attack plane.

War Thunder is a free-to-play multiplayer simulator available on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

To see all the latest information on the Desert Hunters 1.63 update click here.

System Requirements:


  • OS: Most modern 64-bit Linux distributions, SteamOS
  • Processor: Dual-Core 2.4 GHz
  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Intel 4000 HD/Radeon HD 5550/GeForce 8800
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 11 GB available space


  • OS: Ubuntu 14.04 64bit, SteamOS
  • Processor: Intel Core i7
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: Nvidia GeForce 660+ or similar AMD
  • Network: Broadband Internet connection
  • Storage: 11 GB available space


The Road to Glory War 1.61update released

The Road to Glory update for war thunder linux mac pc

Gaijin Entertainment announced that its #awardwinning #MMO WWII online #game, War Thunder, will be celebrating summer with a spectacular display of firepower by adding to its extensive vehicle selection with new destructive tanks and planes for War Thunder’s ten million players to enjoy in The Road to Glory.

Two more tanks from the 1960’s era roll in, the American M60A1 will be the top-tank of the US medium tank tree and the formidable Soviet T-62 will be the top-tank of the USSR medium tank tree. The American M60A1 provides good, aggressive gameplay for tankers that like a full on fight due to its frontal armour. This extends a degree of life expectancy to give players time to retreat or send one back down the pipe in kind while the enemy is busy reloading. The Russian T-62, although slower than the previous T-55, makes up for its lack of speed with its 115mm gun which is effective with any kind of shells and packs a huge punch.

The American Thunderbolt gets P-47N-15 modification in this latest update transforming it into one of the fastest piston-engine aircraft in the game. Easily maneuverable, even at high speed, this latest modification makes the plane one to experience in The Road to Glory.

Additional vehicles added include the German Sturmpanzer IV Brummbär, the Japanese Ki-100 – which provides a dangerous enemy for F6F4 Hellcats and even Mustangs – and the American tank M4A5, along with several updated models of aircraft.

‘The Road to Glory’ update also introduces a new crew feature for ground forces – ‘Reinforcement’. Tankers who have lost one or more crew members in the battle can call a new crew member as a replacement. In Arcade mode players can call a new soldier in any part of the map, providing at least one crew member is still alive. In Realistic and Simulation modes players face the challenge of only being able to call in reinforcements when they are on a capture point. In staying with the true, accurate nature of War Thunder, players must wait for repairs or reinforcements to arrive before they can move again.

Additionally an updated system of squadron clan battles has been added, providing squadron fighters with seasons that last two months. At the end of each season the top 20 squadrons will receive anywhere from 3,000 to 30,000 Golden Eagles based on overall ranking and the top 100 squadrons will be able to receive additional rewards, such as unique decals, 3D decals and other ensigns.

Lastly, the “Operation S.U.M.M.E.R.”, which kicked off Friday, July 22 and concludes August 21, allows players to complete different tasks in the game to earn unique vehicles: the M3 Grant and two absolutely new ones – the Soviet experimental tank KV-220 and an American fighter aircraft, the F7F-3.

War Thunder is free-to-play on Steam for Linux, Mac and Windows PC.

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