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Repair and Trade vehicle event for War Thunder

repair and trade vehicle event for war thunder in linux mac windows games

War Thunder vehicle Repair and Trade event in Linux, Mac and Windows games. Thanks to Gaijin Entertainment. Who are announcing its Battlefield Engineer activity. Available in the military vehicle online game via Steam.

War Thunder and  Update 1.79 Project X

war thunder update 1.79 project x on linux mac windows

Gaijin Entertainment has released Update 1.79 ‘Project X’ on Linux, Mac and Windows. This is also the second massive update to the military vehicle combat game. With more new and reworked vehicles and aircraft.

War Thunder – 100 Years of Royal Air Force

war thunder celebrates 100 years of royal air force on linux mac windows

War Thunder vehicular combat MMO celebrates 100 Year of Royal Air Force on Linux, Mac and Windows. Gaijin Entertainment also commemorates the recent centenary of the Royal Air Force this weekend. Available are a host of in-game specials. So this includes the chance for all players to obtain a new and unique model of the famous Spitfire. Also a big discount on a special pack of premium aircraft perfect for British aviation enthusiasts.

War Thunder moves to Dagor Engine 5.0

war thunder moves to dagor engine 5.0 for linux mac windows games

War Thunder announced news this of the new Dagor Engine 5.0 for Linux, Mac and Windows on Steam. This weeks news from Gaijin Entertainment. Hence the release of a major Update 1.77 ‘Advancing Storm’. Also a significant change the vehicular combat MMOG War Thunder.

War Thunder introduces French Ground Forces

war thunder introduces french ground forces for linux ubuntu mac windows games 2017 m4a1 fl10

War Thunder introduces French ground forces for Linux, Ubuntu, Mac and Windows. Since Gaijin Entertainment announces this next content update on Steam. Which gives the games vehicular combat MMO more reason to play. Which follows the addition of the French Air Force early in November. Since Update 1.73 “Vive la France”allows the French Army will enter the battlefields. While filling War Thunder with dozens of armoured vehicles. All available from rank I to rank VI. So now we have new technology peculiar to French tanks. Such as oscillating turrets and drum-fed autoloaders. So this will open up new tactical opportunities for players.

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