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Steam client update releases from Beta

steam client update releases from beta for linux games

Steam client release the full update now out Beta for Linux. The games also coming with a host of new improvements. And a rather huge list of changes for Linux too.

Steam Client Beta update has powerful changes

steam client beta update has powerful changes for linux games

Steam Client Beta update has a huge release, giving Linux gamers significant changes. Valve releases the biggest Steam client beta update of the year so far.

Steam Client Beta update brings more Linux Distribution and Steam Controller support

The #latest Steam Client Beta is went live for those using the #Beta channel, looking to get all the cutting-edge Valve’s technology from the Steam developers.

This new Beta Steam Client improves the #compatibility with newer Linux kernel-based distributions, most using a more recent kernel version or core libraries.

SteamVR users can now be notified after taking a screenshot during VR (Virtual Reality) gameplay, while the more important features have been added for the Steam Controller. Things like support for Controller Activators, the ability for users to copy an existing Action Set to a new one during creation.

According to the Valve announcement, these new activators sit between inputs like buttons and outputs like key presses, which allows users to create a greater range of new functionality with their Steam Controller. Plus, the activators have their own settings, so they can each have toggles, haptics, turbo, or delays. Not bad. This makes the Steam Controller support that much better and far more capable over the Xbox360 setup.

Valve has also added activators to Steam Controller like Long Press, Start Press, Normal Press, Release Press, Double Press, but there’s really no limit to how many controller activators can exist on a single input. And Valve have also updated mode shifts to be activator-based and to enable special functionalities.

For further details regarding the new Controller Activators for Steam Controllers are available HERE. If you want to test them, update your Steam client to the latest Beta release. Keeping in mind that these are Beta-quality, not recommended if you expect a stable Steam experience.


Steam Client gets a big update and fixes for Linux, Mac and Windows PC

The Steam Client is used by millions of Linux, Windows PC and Mac OS X users. We have been pleasantly surprised to discover a #massiveupdate that has been recently made #available.

The latest upgrade to the Steam Client #app is quite fresh and it brings a bunch of fixes, some of the most important ones being the improved player-to-player connections and cloud synchronization fixes. Here are some of the most important ‘general’ fixes:

  • Added retail disc support for FreeOnDemand apps without cd-keys
  • Fixed Steam Cloud sync issues when re-launching a game immediately after exiting it
  • Added support for playback of full screen HTML5 videos in the Web Browser
  • Desktop client graphics updated (Big Picture controller icon, Background images)
  • Fix performance problem with large numbers of concurrent p2p connections.


Here are some of the most important ‘Big Picture’ fixes:

  • Fixed being able to add free games and free DLC to your library
  • Added filtering of promotional messages by platform and controller type
  • Added controller and OS support icons to DLC view
  • Store and Library improvements have been made to help users identify locally playable content. For more information, visit
  • Store settings added to enable advanced users to view all Steam content, regardless of local playability
  • Search results display locally playable content first
  • Improved playback of videos in the Web Browser
  • Fixed youtube videos reloading when switching tabs in the Web Browser

The new Steam version for Windows users has been updated with improved in-game overlay compatibility; Linux gets fixed web views not displaying if you run Steam under multiple OS user accounts and Mac OS X gets improved Retina display graphics.

Head over to the Linux Game Consortium group and feel free to add us.


Left 4 Dead 2 Beta Core Build Features Now Included

Valve has announced that they have successfully completed the testing of the Linux version of Left 4 Dead 2 as well as SteamPipe support and the Extended Mutation System, all of which are now available as part of the latest official build. The Extended Mutation system is a tool for modders that sounds really awesome as it allows them to build new mutations and game modes with users being allowed to add them to L4D2’s Steam Workshop.


The Linux version of the game is now live on Steam and available to users with supported systems while the SteamPipe update is not quite as glamorous as its main function is to ensure faster patching for the user. Should you wish to read precisely what is included in the latest update, you can check out the full patch notes here. If you don’t have the update yet it is simple to acquire, just restart your Steam client and all will be well.

Are you looking forward to using the Extended Mutation System or playing the game on Linux?

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