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VendettaMark 2018 benchmarking tool releases

vendettamark 2018 benchmarking tool releases linux mac windows games 2017

Guild Software, creators of the multi-platform Space MMORPG Vendetta Online. Also having created a new cross-platform benchmark product. All using the assets and engine of their long-running game. So VendettaMark 2018 allows a single CPU and GPU test to be run. So players can compare between Linux, Mac and Windows. And even Android and soon iOS.

Vendetta Online getting "graphical and engine changes” for Steam and Oculus Rift support

Vendetta Online may not have met its Kickstarter goal earlier this year, but it was #greenlit by the community on Steam and its developer #GuildSoftware is giving it a coat of polish with major graphical and engine changes.

vendetta online Android Linux Mac OS X iOS and PC

The space #MMO is also getting Oculus Rift support with its forthcoming Steam release.

Some Assembly Required: Ten years warp by for Vendetta Online

If I were to start describing a game where players have zipped about one persistent universe as one of three factions in customizable ships vying for wealth and territory by mining, dodging hostiles, fulfilling missions, blasting one another to bits, docking at stations, blazing trade routes, and pirating for the past 10 years, you would say… Vendetta Online, of course! Perhaps the longest-running epic space-based sandbox MMORPG, the game hit a milestone last week that few others can boast: It turned 10!

Vendetta Online celebrates 10-year anniversary!

Independent game developer Guild Software, Inc is pleased to announce the ten-year anniversary of the public debut of their space-based MMORPG “Vendetta Online”. A decade ago the initial userbase for the title was ushered in thanks to coverage from Penny Arcade and Inside Mac Games. Delivering a mix of “twitch” space combat with the backdrop of a massive, persistent galaxy, even a decade later “Vendetta Online” continues to occupy a unique niche within the family of MMORPGs.

Vendetta Updates

Guild Software’s space combat massive multiplayer game Vendetta Online has had a few gameplay updates of late, revealed in their latest community newsletter:

Gameplay Change Recap

– Dropped cargo persists for 15 minutes, regardless of sector shutdown. Crates will eventually time out by class, making certain drops last much longer than others.
– New missions from the PCC.
– Scoring issues with Deneb War have been fixed. Deneb web-stats coming.
– Bounty Hunter report consolidated to a weekly post. More uses of in-game news are coming.
– Sound effects tweaked. Audio limiter also added to more platforms.
– Improved the game launcher (Updater) handling of certain timeout cases and network conditions, across all platforms.
– Xang Xi Self Propelled Concussion Launcher now has double the ammo, double the prox radius (60m) costs 1/10th to reload.
– Many, many bugfixes, great and small. No more “lost” convoy ships, etc.
– PC game startup and load process have been changed to use the same loading graphics as the mobile versions.

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