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Vendetta Online celebrates 10-year anniversary!

Independent game developer Guild Software, Inc is pleased to announce the ten-year anniversary of the public debut of their space-based MMORPG “Vendetta Online”. A decade ago the initial userbase for the title was ushered in thanks to coverage from Penny Arcade and Inside Mac Games. Delivering a mix of “twitch” space combat with the backdrop of a massive, persistent galaxy, even a decade later “Vendetta Online” continues to occupy a unique niche within the family of MMORPGs.

“We’re very proud of the longevity of our title, as well as the ardent support of our community,” said John Bergman, CEO of Guild Software. “Some of our current userbase has been with us since the beginning in 2002, and many of them for over five years; all of whom remain passionate about our game and the evolving nature of our ongoing development.”

Initially supporting Windows, Mac and Linux, “Vendetta Online” has since become the first PC MMO to make the jump to mobile, thanks to the March 2011 launch of a native client for Google Android. Following this, the title spent several weeks as the #1 paid app on Android’s Market, before changing to a free download. The game now comes pre-loaded with several devices, and is available for many Android phones and tablets, including those based on the NVIDIA Tegra, Qualcomm Snapdragon and TI OMAP chip families. Thanks to a single-universe architecture, users can seamlessly switch back and forth between their PC and mobile experiences, even connecting via multi-platform voice chat to coordinate with up to 32 other players.

Beyond multi-platform support, “Vendetta Online” blends an intense mix

of combat, trading, mining, and exploration to create a distinctive MMO

experience. From giant space battles over the dynamic conquest of

territory, to player-manufactured capships and guild-owned stations, the title continues to push the envelope of what is possible in an online game.

“Vendetta Online” 1.9 will debut later in 2012, followed by the major

update of “2.0” (expansion title to be announced) in early 2013. For

more information, visit .

About Guild Software, Inc

Guild Software is an award-winning independent game developer based in

Milwaukee, WI. Founded in 1998, the company has continually pursued the

cutting edge in large-scale multiplayer environments. Developing a

completely proprietary MMO engine from scratch, these efforts culminated in the successful launch of Vendetta Online TM . Guild Software continues to expand upon Vendetta Online, using the title to further both the game and the NAOS Engine on which it is based, striving towards the next generation in unbounded, evolving worlds. To learn more, visit us at .

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