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Songs of Skydale a new hardcore action RPG

songs of skydale a new hardcore action rpg game linux windows pc

Songs of Skydale is a new hardcore action RPG coming to Windows PC, but we have Linux support details. Thanks to developer Kaskuja Studio. Who are also announcing the games release on Steam Early Access.

Rising Lords medieval turn based strategy plan

rising lords medieval turn based strategy plan for linux window games

Rising Lords is a medieval turn based strategy for Windows, we have the games plan for Linux. Thanks to developer Argonwood. Who are looking to release the game this year. There is also Steam page, just in case you want to Wishlist.

Humble Great GameMaker games bundle debut

humble great gamemaker games bundle debuts linux mac windows games

Humble Great GameMaker games bundle with some great games for Linux in this debut. As well as Mac and Windows too. But as you can tell from the title. This is all about GameMaker. As well as supporting a Linux game engine.

Orphan stealth platformer and native support

orphan 2d stealth platformer and linux support

Orphan is a 2D platformer that blends stealth and action gameplay for Windows, but also coming to Linux and Mac. Including an alien apocalypse storyline in an Appalachian setting. Coming to both Steam and GOG.

Russian Subway Dogs systemic arcade native release

russian subway dogs systemic arcade linux release

Russian Subway Dogs is a fast-paced systemic arcade game with releases for Mac and Windows on Steam, but what about Linux? Well we reached out to developer Spooky Squid Games for the details.

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