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Bejeweled goes HTML5 as franchise hits Chrome

Plants vs. Zombies and Peggle now available on Android Marketplace

PopCap has released a HTML5 customised version of Bejeweled on the Chrome Web Store, the company has announced.

The casual games studio stated that HTML5 browser version of the title would offer advanced 3D accelerate graphics and effects.

“Everyone is looking to HTML5 these days because it holds the promise of cross-platform development across all browsers and mobile devices,” said Bejeweled director Giordano Bruno Contestabile.

“While it’s still early in the technology life cycle, we at PopCap are very interested in the potential of HTML5 gaming, and this game is one of the most advanced and impressive HTML5 games yet implemented.”

The move comes despite many developers being reticent to make the jump to HTML5, and may signal a shift toward increased use in future.

PopCap has also made hit titles Plants vs. Zombies and Peggle available on the Android Marketplace.

“Plants vs. Zombies has previously been available to Android consumers via other compatible marketplaces, but this will mark its first appearance in the official Android Market,” said Plants vs. Zombies director Tony Leamer.

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