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Ubuntu Minecraft Installer

Complete Ubuntu Installer Script (v2.0)
by Alloc
[email protected]

UPDATES: (5/07/11)

-added desktop shortcut feature

-minecraft will be added to your applications menu under games

-improved java detection script

-checks for the existence of files before creating new ones

-user is now asked what they’d like to do

-complete uninstall function implemented

-now uses the official minecraft icon

-user can now choose between OpenJDK and Sun-Java

-troubleshooting menu added


-the script can now download and install the minecraft server client :Red:

-the script can uninstall the server client :Red:

-the script downloads a nice little server icon to use with the launchers it creates
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Setting up a solid installation of minecraft on Ubuntu can be a hassle.
But this installer script will do all the hard work for you!

Basically the script does this:

– Asks you if you’d like to Install or Uninstall Minecraft
if you chose Install:

– Looks for Sun-Java

– Downloads and installs Sun-Java if needed

– Sets Sun-Java as default

– Downloads Minecraft for you!

– Installs it to a new .minecraft folder!

– Writes a shell script to your bin folder

– Creates a shortcut on your desktop that you can use to run Minecraft!

– Creates a launcher in your Applications menu for Minecraft!

– Lets you run Minecraft from terminal with a simple “minecraft” command!

– also, it makes you happy!

How To Run It

1. Download the file from the link below

2. Right click and open the file’s Properties

3. Browse to the Permissions tab and check the executable box

4. Double click on the file and choose RUN IN TERMINAL!

Alternatively: you can give it executable permissions via the terminal and run it from there

:~$ cd /path/to/downloaded/file/

:~$ chmod -x

:~$ bash

After the script has run, you’ll have a nice launcher on your desktop and you’ll be able to just open up terminal and type “minecraft” to play!

Download Link:HERE

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