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Mojang to live-stream game-building for charity

In a blog post Wednesday, Mojang noted that they’ll be creating a new game in 60 hours starting Friday, Feb. 17, with the proceeds going to charity. Even more interesting, the development will be streamed live through the Humble Indie Bundle website for all to see. They’re asking for donations, which will benefit a charitable cause as well as net all donators a copy of the game Mojang ends up producing.

They’re looking to get fans to choose the game genre and theme. Genre options up for vote include Dating Simulator and Peter Molyneux, while the list of themes includes Candyland and Steampunk. This looks like a ton of fun already.

To follow more of the action, besides tuning in to the coding jam on Friday, follow @mojangteam, @humble, and @notch on Twitter for live updates. You can also use the #Mojam Twitter hashtag to submit questions for the team while they code.


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