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Bite The Bullet dietary roguelite RPG shooter

bite the bullet dietary roguelite rpg shooter in linux windows pc games

Bite The Bullet is a roguelite RPG shooter coming to Linux and Windows PC games. Thanks to developer Mega Cat Studios. The game already has a Steam listing as well as a Beta.

Bite The Bullet is designed to satisfy your appetite. So you can lay out some serious destruction. That is if you like a good roguelite RPG shooter. Where you must eat to powerup your character, weapons and abilities. You also consume strange species. This adds new entries to DarwinCorp’s mysterious Compendium. Then use crafting fermentations in your belly by eating enemies. Yeah gameplay gets that crazy.
All while you explore three branching skill trees. Depending on your diet. Remember, you are what you eat.

Bite The Bullet Trailer (Linux, Windows PC)

Just ensure that Linux has support. I reached out to Mega Cat Studios, just to make sure.

Bite The Bullet will indeed support Linux, and is built in Unity.

Not really surprised to see Unity 3D getting a mention. Bite The Bullet looks like a unique style of gameplay. But there needs to be a finishing move with BBQ sauce. Maybe some dijon power up. Just sayin. Sign up for the Beta via Discord.


  • Devour enemies to powerup your character, weapons, and abilities!
  • Choose between diet based classes. Like the vegetarian Slaughter of the Soil. Or the blood soaked Gorivore!
  • Chow down on everything in Bite The Bullet. Since you can eat enemies, walls, even bullets!
  • Blast or eat your way through powerful enemies. Like Goo Behemoths and also Mutant Hamster Squirrels!
  • Loot powerful weapons with fun modifiers. So expect Spicy Critter Cannons and Organic Meat Seeking Missiles!
  • Craft exotic new weapons by wolfing down special types of characters and enemies!
  • Customize your character with synergistic skill trees. These also offer abilities like Napalm Vomit. Even Appetite for Destruction!
  • Eat enemies so you can burn calories in Bite The Bullet. Then energise your skills and special attacks!
  • Earn action hero bandanas by fully completing each world!
  • Chew carefully since every enemy has its own nutritional information. Since you body type will change based on the types of enemies you consume!
  • Gorge yourself on 40 stages of shooting, platforming, and eating!
  • Transform into your powerful Zombro form and smash enemies into bite-sized bits!
  • Gobble up an exciting plot with a ton of side quests!

Bite The Bullet roguelite RPG shooter releases Q1 2020. So a way off. But the games coming Linux and Windows PC. Also make sure to Wishlist the game on Steam.

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