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Puzzle DLC released for the epic game

puzzle dlc released for the epic game via linux gaming and windows pc

Puzzle DLC released for the epic game via Linux gaming and Windows PC. Thanks to the continuing efforts of developer Tobias Springer. Which is now live and also discounted on Steam.

Right now, all factory lovers and automation aficionados can celebrate the first anniversary of It’s a double celebration as the game just passed 250,000 downloads. While inspiring 5,000 players to write positive reviews. And as a result, awarding the game a top score of 97% on Steam. Also making it one of the best rated games (Top 23rd) of 2020. A much welcomed milestone for the release of the game’s Puzzle DLC. – Puzzle DLC Trailer

The Puzzle DLC takes puzzling to a whole new level. The game’s first DLC brings an extra game mode. Plus an unlimited amount of content thanks to the player puzzle creation engine.

Tobias Springer, creator explains, “The funnest part in comes after a solution is found – and that is improving a structure. Even shrinking a reusable section by a single block is incredibly satisfying, no matter how long it takes. With the Puzzle DLC, I wanted to build on this feeling and reinforce this very concept. The player has limited space & buildings and must find a solution within those constraints to deliver the correct shapes. Past experiences have proven to me that the community is incredibly creative – so it was essential that puzzles could be created & shared by the community. For this reason, I’ve made sure to add a puzzle editor that allows players to create, test, and publish their own challenges!”

DLC Features:

  • Solve the puzzles by creating the given shapes in a limited space and with a set amount of buildings available! There are no resources and you only get a given amount of shape types and colors to work with!
  • Compete with other players and see if you can solve even the most difficult puzzles. And if that’s not enough for you, can design and share your own creations with the puzzle editor!
  • Enjoy the new soundtrack created especially for the DLC by the composer of the original game!

The Puzzle DLC os available on Steam for $4.99 USD, €4,99, £3.99. But also discounted 10% until June 29th. The base game will be 30% off during the Steam Summer sales. While continuing to offer support in Linux gaming and Windows PC.

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