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Heroes Ravage action launches on Kickstarter

heroes ravage action launches on kickstarter for linux mac windows

Heroes Ravage Kickstarter campaign launches the action today for Window, but it’s also coming to Linux and Mac. So as of 12:00pm Easter Standard Time until February 19th you can pledge the campaign.

Heroes Ravage is a 4v4 multiplayer action game about Heroes with no remorse. And the Villagers who desperately trying to protect their valuables. While doing so through an all-out brawl of wits and might to secure all the loot. A game that plays like a blend of The Legend of Zelda and Rainbow Six Siege.

“We are looking forward to be able to share our game with all the players that stole from NPC’s before!” said Marcelo Norberto, Programmer at Pixel Dinos. “All members of the team always loved RPG’s and we believe that Heroes Ravage will resonate with a lot of players that share this passion.”

The Kickstarter campaign offers the player an opportunity to gain early access to the game. Along with many other benefits from skins and pets, while helping to design a monster. Heroes Ravage is seeking to raise a minimum of €53 500.

Heroes Ravage Kickstarter Trailer (Windows, then Linux and Mac):

During the campaign there will be open trial events. So players will be able to play the game with the developers.


  • Online 4 versus 4 multiplayer – Challenge the established RPG status quo of heroes and villagers with your friends!
  • Two teams with very unique aspects – Feel what’s like to lock those heroes with your custom made speech or feel the might of a hero as you overpower the villagers.
  • Customizable characters and rooms – Customize everything, even your pets!
  • Loads of traps and tools to provide the players with all they need for the ultimate Ravage! – Craft spikes, spinning blades, iron bars to reinforce the doors against the heroes. As a hero, craft bombs, weapons and lots of potions! Something most wouldn’t think they would need while visiting a villager’s house.

Anyone interested can pledge and show their support on Kickstarter campaign for as low as €1, however in order to obtain a copy of the game with early access the minimum pledge is €15 for the Crafty Villager tier.

Everyone can also follow the development of the game on the official website, Twitter, Discord and Facebook.

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