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Stack Gun Heroes mod based FPS coming this year

stack gun heroes mod based fps coming this year to linux mac windows

Stack Gun Heroes is an impressive mod based FPS for Linux, Mac and Windows via Steam. Since gameplay lets you build absolutely insane weapons in the middle of combat by stacking mods.

Stack Gun Heroes is a game about destroying giant robots with guns. While you invent these weapons on the fly.
Collect pieces of guns called mods and stacking them on the end of your gun. Which of course alters the bullets you fire.

At first you make “simple” weapons like rapid-fire rocket launchers. Eventually you’ll be wielding orbital doomsday weapons. Also nuclear cluster bombs and death field generators. Since you can push the limits of the art of stacking.

Also, none of these combinations are “pre-programmed.” You combine the mods. You invent the weapons yourself. It’s really impressive. Plus you have Team Fortress 2 mechanics, where you can shoot the floor to gain height.

A Hero’s primary job is to fight virus infected robots on alien worlds. You can do these missions solo or join forces with other players over the internet. There are also other game modes like deathmatch, race, and custom game modes that let you play competitively. Between matches, you can renovate your home base by stacking a gun that builds floors and walls wherever the bullet lands.

Every player also has a randomly generated power. STACKgen, Stack Gun Heroes‘ advanced procedural generation AI. Which is responsible for generating interesting powers that you can collect.
So you should stack your gun to exploit anything your power lets you do. Therefore, if you have the power to teleport, you could stack a really heavy gun. Since the speed penalty doesn’t matter when you don’t need to walk anywhere.

Stack Gun Heroes mod based FPS Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)


  • Gun improvisation: Instantly invent guns in the middle of combat.
  • Tons of options: Over 30 types of gun mods. Make lightning lassos, rapid fire nukes, guns that shoot guns, and more. One alpha tester now flies everywhere after inventing a gun that lets him soar through the air.
  • Millions of superpowers: Build a collection of randomly generated superpowers that let you summon robots, call nukes from the sun, teleport enemies into the ocean and more.
  • Base building: Shoot walls onto your base with the Stack Gun and build giant factories that process your loot.
  • Designed by STACKgen: The game is designed as you play by STACKgen, a game-designing AI developed by a former AI researcher.
  • Play alone or with friends: Best with 1-4 players. Solo, multiplayer, co-op, online co-op, PVP and cross-platform multiplayer.
  • Lots of game modes: Defense against hordes of enemies, target challenges, obstacle courses, pvp deathmatch, racing, and more.
  • Skillful movement system: Do walljumps and wallslides to move around faster. Build up momentum and slam into enemies for massive damage.
  • No limit on how powerful you can get: Find more and more powerful mods forever. Achieve god-like status as the rules of the game start to bend and break under your immense power.
  • No max difficulty: There are always tougher enemies with better rewards. It’s partly an experiment to see how far players can get using their ingenuity and stacking.
  • Get presents: Save robot civilizations that will use orbital cannons to shell your homeworld with presents in gratitude.

So now you know how the mod based FPS Stack Gun Heroes works. You might be interested in the release date, which is still TBD.
While Unstackd does plan to launch with a price tag around $20 on Linux, Mac and Windows.

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