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Captain Contraband roguelite seeks support

captain contraband roguelite seeks support for linux windows pc

Captain Contraband roguelite game developer seeks support for Linux, beside Windows PC. Thanks to the recent reply from developer Zweihander Games. Due to release on Steam later this year.

Captain Contraband will make landfall on Steam later this year. Also a unique top-down roguelike with dynamic, unpredictable gameplay. Since you can expect trading, exploration and pirating. Along with three unique starting archetypes to choose from. While mixing in a blend of Sunless Skies, Abandon Ship, and a looming threat of permadeath. And after receiving more details about the game. I reached out to Zweihänder Games for details about the roguelite.

We are using Game Maker Studio 2. Which does, in fact, have an option to export to Ubuntu.

While the initial release of Captain Contraband is going to be Windows. We do plan to support more platforms post-release. As we are building the game with full controller support.

I can’t really give any assurance that we’ll have a Linux release. As we would want to make sure that the audience is there to support it first.

Since the games release is not due to arrive until Q3 2020. Now is the time to show your Tux Love. And make sure to Wishlist the game on Steam. Since there is a solid chance we will see as Linux port. Which is why the developer seeks support from the community.

Captain Contraband – Official Teaser Trailer

Captain Contraband invites you to take on the role of a dastardly captain. So you smuggling, trading or pirating your way across the seas … and into legend! But the oceans are vast – and filled with all manner of pirates and vultures waiting to feast on their next meal. You think human competition is bad? Wait ‘til you meet up with the undead – who are considerably more menacing …

Whisperings at port tell of the undead being up to something – and it’s your job to stop it. You must gather enough Unholy Sacraments in Captain Contraband. And also destroy them before the dead can combine their powers. As a result, this could overwhelm the living. But beware: These Unholy Sacraments have a powerful boon and a horrible curse. To succeed, you’ll have to make money any way you can, refurbish that junker of a ship, and hire a crew of foolhardy misfits along the way. In these waters, you’ll either get rich – or become just another shipwreck!


  • Adapt or sink: Each playthrough presents you with a different challenge. Collect Unholy Sacraments and use money wisely to make it to the end.
  • Play your way: Want to be a ruthless Pirate? A slippery Smuggler? Or a peaceful Tradesman? The choice is yours.
  • Play on beautiful hand-drawn cartography: Captain Contraband is based on historical cartography. Right from the Age of Sail. So everything is hand painted as if by a monk from the 1600s.
  • Age of Sail commerce: Take on freight contracts and make risky deliveries across unprotected waters – or accept bounty contracts to hunt down the pirates threatening them!
  • Events, quests, and sacraments: As you explore, you’ll be faced with different pathways – and you’ll need to plot your course wisely … for the result might alter your playthrough permanently.

Captain Contraband roguelite is due to release on Steam in Q3 2020. Pricing is yet to be determined. Already set for Windows PC. But developer Zweihander seeks support for the Linux port.

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