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Cattle and Crops nearing a full release

Cattle and Crops farming game nearing a full release for linux windows pc

Cattle and Crops farming game nearing a full release for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the studio Masterbrain Bytes. The games still in Early Access for with decent reviews. Available on both Humble Store and Steam.

Austrian publisher Toplitz Productions has expanding its portfolio. Also now adding to their life simulation games. Now including studio Masterbrain Bytes’ farming title, Cattle and Crops. The games currently in Early Access for Linux and Windows PC. Due for a full digital release very soon.
Gameplay also aims to provide a realistic agricultural simulation. This includes features such as dynamic weather, which influences growing cycles. And as result, this affects soil conditions and real world farming equipment. The goal of the game is not only to provide a fun simulation of life on the farm. But also teach the player about agriculture.

Full release:

We’re currently working on one last update before the release of the final v1 version. This update is expected to primarily contain. In addition to general bug fixes and vegetation imposters. Which will lead to performance improvements on most systems. Aside from that, we’ve extended the Cattle and Crops task system. With adjustable settings for vehicles using variable work widths and spread rates. Allowing vehicles such as the Rauch Axis, Dammann Land Cruiser and Stapel VT. To be configured directly in the task creation window.

This comes from a recent announcement on Steam. Along with the new partnership Toplitz Productions. Which is obviously helping to push the full release forward.

Cattle and Crops will deliver plenty of farming. Features that should please fans of simulations and especially agricultural sims,” said Stefan Berger, Head of Business Development & Sales, Toplitz Productions. “We are very eager to add the game to our portfolio. And are pleased to partner with Masterbrain Bytes to help them finish it.”

Cattle and Crops – Farming Simulation (Linux, Windows PC)

“Our goal is to find a publisher that would understand. Share our vision of a farming simulation. And also support us in the development process,” said Lars Beinsen, Managing Director of Masterbrain Bytes. “With Toplitz, we have found this partner at every level. We are very much looking forward to the cooperation. And the new possibilities that this partnership will bring to the project in the future.”

German agricultural publishing house, Landwirtschaftsverlag, has also entered into the publishing partnership for Cattle and Crops. Landwirtschaftsverlag will provide consulting services for the game, helping Masterbrain Bytes bring an authentic realism to the game, while also assisting in marketing Cattle and Crops.

“Working together with developer Masterbrain Bytes and publisher Toplitz Productions, we believe our expertise will ensure Cattle and Crops is an incredibly realistic farming simulation,” said Malte Schwerdtfeger, Managing Director of the Landwirtschaftsverlag.

In Cattle and Crops, players experience life in the country. And especially working the land with heavy duty farming equipment. Since it’s not all fun and games. Farming is a serious business. So aspiring agri-giants will need to maximize their farm’s output. While balancing growing cycles with marketplace needs. And handle day to day tasks like caring for livestock. As well as maintaining equipment. So there are a wide variety of aspects of agricultural life portrayed. Including detailed machinery, authentic sowing, fertilizing and harvesting. As well as complex livestock farming. And even realistic weather and natural conditions.

Cattle and Crops will not only appeal to casual gamers. But the farming game will also satisfy simulator enthusiasts. Available now on both Humble Store and Steam. With builds for Linux and Windows PC.

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