EARTH THUNDER an intergalactic tournament

earth thunder an intergalactic tournament in linux mac windows games

EARTH THUNDER intergalactic tournament no on Linux, Mac and Windows. Developer Gaijin Entertainment invites everyone. Those who are ready to take on the tournament. Since the games available on Steam and Official Website. Which is still free to play.

To take part in EARTH THUNDER. The intergalactic tournament is available now. Since the tournament sees talented cyber athletes compete. Doing so from all corners of the universe. While taking control over the galaxy’s less advanced culture. Forcing them to man the Universal Fighting Orbiter. And to fight until death for the galaxy’s amusement.
For the next stage of the tournament. Alien organisers have chosen Earth. So from April 1 until April 5. The flooded city of Green Hills will be a battlefield of human history.

Access to the tournament is easy. Since you can download the War Thunder client. Or doing so via Steam. Simply by logging into your new or existing account. Then select EARTH THUNDER in the ‘Events’ menu.

EARTH THUNDER Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

Also, in EARTH THUNDER, you will have to fight in three elements. Doing so in the Air and on land. And beneath the sea. The Universal Fighting Orbiter (UFO). Which all participants are equipped with. This craft adapts and can perform in the surrounding environment.
When in the air, the UFO sports excellent mobility. And is also able to reach speeds of up to 800 km/h. Coming with a high powered laser beam emitter. So this can melt enemy UFO’s in seconds. But the nature of this weapon requires focus. So you will have to stay on target for several seconds. Due to the UFO’s lack of a shield when flying. Which also means evasive maneuvers are best. As you try to stay alive under attack.

earth thunder intergalactic tournament in linux mac windows game screenshot

When hovering over the Earth’s surface. Your UFO’s speed is greatly reduced in EARTH THUNDER. While extra energy not used by the engines will power a protective shield generator. Now, the UFO can move in any direction. And also over any surface. Revealing its most powerful weapon: a railgun. While other variants keep hidden inside the hull.
When diving, most of your UFO’s energy is use to protect against water pressure. So neither the Orbiter’s laser nor protective shields are available. To attack underwater. Launch controllable torpedoes at enemy UFO’s. And use a shotgun like blaster. While defending yourself in close combat. And blocking any incoming artillery.

How to Win a Match:

To win a match in EARTH THUNDER. A team has to destroy all enemy UFO’s. Or capture and maintain control over checkpoints. These are in the air. Also on land and below the sea.
So, if you want to participate, you better hurry. The number of available pilots is limited. At least by the remaining population of Green Hills.

EARTH THUNDER is available for Linux, Mac and Windows. The games also free to play. Check it out on Steam and the games Official Website.

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