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Linux Games available for Free

Linux Games available for Free

So I thought I would make a Linux games thread. I will devide them into “free” (as in no cost) and “commercial”.

First of all, let it be said that Linux has awesome games, some of the best ever made. Linux is also an excellent platform for playing games which were designed for other platforms.

Free Games (no cost)

OpenTTD – An open source Transport Tycoon Deluxe game, much better than the original. Multiplayer available.

Engima – A 2D puzzle game.

Astromenace – A 2D space shooter, upgrade your ship and make your levels using XML.

Meritous – a dungeon crawler-like.

Open LieroX – A 2D Worms / Liero like game. Multiplayer available.

Simutrans – Similar to Transport Tycoon.

Metal Blob Solid – A 2D platformer HERE.

Blob And Conquer – The sequal to Metal Blob Solid, except in 3D available here.

Secret Maryo Chronicals – A 2D Mario Bros clone. Very good, includes level editor.

Open Sonic – A 2D Sonic clone. Includes level editor.

Alien Arena – A 3D Quake / UT2004 style shooter. Multiplayer available, and you can play all the multiplayer modes offline aganst bots if you start a “server”.

Warsow – A 3D shooter. Multiplayer available.

Xonotic – A Nexuiz fork. 3D shooter.

Sauerbraten – A 3D shooter.

LinCity NG – SimCity like bulding game.

Frozen Bubble – Arcade game. Includes level editor.

Marble Arena 2 – Fun 3D game where you zap stars, upgrade your marble and collect powerups. Over 50 levels. Includes very easy to use level editor.

Naev – 2D Space game. Upgrade your ship and perform missions.

Counter-Strike 2D: 2D clone of the popular Windows shooter from Valve.

VegaStrike – 3D Space shooter. Many many mods avaliable

Scorched3D – 3D Clone of Scorched Earth.

Minetest – Minecraft clone.

Commercial Games

Minecraft – The best game ever made. Build and create anything you can imagine. MASSIVE amount of mods and content available.

Neverwinter Nights – A third person RPG that is based on D&D.

Unreal Tournament 2004 – A first person shooter, somewhat similar to Alien Arena and Quake 3. Massive acmount of community maps, mods and content available.

Unreal Torunament 99 (GOTY) The original UT.

Quake 3 – First person shooter. Similar to UT2004 and Alien Arena. Massive amount of community content avalible. Game engine is now open source and many improvements have been made.

Dungeons Of Dredmor: Graphical roguelike that’s more mainstream without dificulty curve. Humorous game, moddable, complex crafting system.

Doom 1/2/Final/Ultimate: The original Doom released back in the early 90’s. Game engine is open source and many many improvments have been made. Source ports available, with such features as OpenGL, higher res etc.

Linux games sites:

There are LOADS more, as some (most?) of you probably know. The point of this thread is that Linux is not without games. Some of the best games ever made run on Linux, and we certainly don’t need crap like Call of Duty and BF3. I’ll add more content to this thread later, since I’ have already accidently hit reply.