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Bugvasion TD tower defense strategy to get support

bugvasion td tower defense strategy to get support in linux gaming with windows pc

Bugvasion TD tower defense strategy to get support in Linux gaming with Windows PC. Thanks to developer Full Screen Games how are eager to about their release. Which is coming to Steam this month.

Bugvasion TD is a new classic tower defense game. Where players defend their house from alien possessed bugs room by room. All while using towers, special attacks and the environment. Doing what you must to repel the onslaught of insects.

With Bugvasion TD due to release on February 17th. And also with the appealing art style and gameplay. Gameplay caught my attention, so I reached out to Full Screen Games regarding Linux. Here’s what they had to say:

…the game is being developed in unity. And yes, we are planning to make a Linux port down the line, but I don’t have an ETA on that just yet…

The fact that Unity 3D is still the most popular game engine for Linux certainly stands out. Which also makes porting Bugvasion TD to the platform far easier. Leading to Full Screen to releasing a native build, but they don’t have a time frame. This will likely depend on bugs or issues that need addressed post launch. And I’m also advising the developer to use the Beta branch for testing when the time comes.

Even playing the Windows PC build runs via Proton 5.13-5 on Linux. Almost everything works, aside from beginning cut-scene animations in Bugvasion TD. But you can skip these by holding Space, which is not a deal breaker. Then unlock and take advantage of the perk tree to create chain reactions. Which you can try yourself via the Steam Demo.

Bugvasion TD – Final Release Trailer


  • Maintain your towers – keep a close tab on your towers and replace canisters, batteries to keep them running
  • Use the environment – there are several interactive objects around the Bugvasion TD maps. You can use these to your advantage. Such as glue tubes, PEZ dispensers, hot sauce bottles
  • Combine your tools – try settings things on fire or electrocuting them, you never know what might start a chain reaction
  • Unlock new technologies – collect tech points by completing levels and spend them to unlock new towers and special attacks

The whole point of gameplay is to maintain your towers. You can do so by taking advantage of objects in the setting. These are available around each map and are handy. Plus you can combine tools to start a chain reaction. Even better, unlock new towers with tech points to setup special attacks.

Bugvasion TD tower defense strategy is due to release on Steam, February 17th. Initial support will include Windows PC, followed by a Linux gaming build.