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Saint Kotar horror detective hits Linux

saint kotar psychological horror detective game releases on linux and mac with windows pc

Saint Kotar psychological horror detective game releases on Linux and Mac with Windows PC. Due to the ongoing work and determination of developer Red Martyr Entertainment. The games support is available on Steam and Humble Store, but coming to GOG.

Red Martyr just announced that point and click psychological horror detective game Saint Kotar launches on Linux and Mac. Having also improved the load times on Windows PC’s for the game. With that, we also have some minor bug fixes included too. Meaning Linux and Mac players now have a smoother running game.

As avid fans of computer role-playing games from the 90’s. The Saint Kotar developer has created a successful dark story-driven point and click game. Red Martyr Entertainment takes pride in the game’s deep story. Including the ominous tone and mystery elements that draw inspiration from prominent horror fiction writers. And also other mystery / horror adventure games.

Saint Kotar – Launch Trailer

Saint Kotar was successfully funded on Kickstarter in 2020 and launched in October last year. Croatian gaming portal recently awarded Saint Kotar the Croatian Game of the Year 2021 Award in December. The team then also made an appearance in a prime-time newscast on Croatian National Television HRT Dnevnik a month after.

Lovecraftian horror set in a cursed valley in Croatia. Saint Kotar players can switch between two characters, Benedek and Nikolay. Doing so as they experience everything through their unique point of view. All while searching for their missing relative in the occult ridden town of Sveti Kotar.


  • Solve the mystery behind your relative’s part in the town’s bizarre and morbid rituals
  • Switch between two realities. Due to get to the bottom of the town’s horrifying secrets
  • Take caution as your choices will affect both story and gameplay
  • Discover hidden locations and complete side quests. Since this will uncover the whole story

Saint Kotar psychological horror detective game releases on Linux and Mac, with Windows PC. Aptly priced at $24.99 USD / 24,99€ / £22.99. Available with native support via Steam and Humble Store.

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