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Spacebase Startopia, Beta, Proton and Pre-orders

spacebase startopia economic simulation and empire building strategy beta works with proton and pre-orders for linux mac windows pc

Spacebase Startopia economic simulation and empire building strategy Beta works with Proton plus Pre-orders open for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Realmforge Studios. Which is accessible by purchasing via Humble Store, Steam and Kalypso store.

Publisher Kalypso Media and in-house developer Realmforge Studios. Who are announcing the construction management sim Spacebase Startopia. Since pre-orders for the game are now available. Which also comes with a special discounted price. This includes instant access to the Windows PC closed beta. This is now live and lets you dive into the singleplayer campaign.

The game is available in two versions. There is a Standard Edition that comes with the base game and beta access. And also an Extended Edition which adds in-game items and a digital soundtrack into the mix. While delivering more for the true donut shaped space station devotee. Also due note, the Beta does work very well using Proton 5.0-9. Which I can personally confirm.

Spacebase Startopia – Gameplay Trailer

In Spacebase Startopia you manage your very own space station. While caring for the three unique deck types. And also keeping up with eight alien races and defending against enemy invaders. While dealing with the station’s sharp witted and sarcastic narrator AI, VAL. So you can take on the final frontier by yourself. As you strive to create the best trade and tourist destination in the galaxy. All in a challenging single player campaign. As well as a flexible battle mode. Or link up with up to four friends or frenemies. So you can compete or get into the co-op multiplayer modes.

The Spacebase Startopia beta is available for Windows PC. But the beta works with Proton, coming in both English and German. Offering an exciting amount of replay value. Including three tutorial maps and three singleplayer missions. Plus an early version of Skirmish mode with randomized parameters. With 15 rooms and five tech tree levels. More content will be added as part of regular updates. Since this will lead up to the game’s full release.

Spacebase Startopia is an economic simulation and empire building strategy. Due to release on October 23rd, 2020. Coming to Linux, Mac, Windows PC. But if you want to get into the action now. The Beta game is available by purchasing via Humble Store, Steam and Kalypso store. Priced at $42.99 USD including the 10% discount. Full price is 47.99 USD.

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