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Super Meat Boy Forever trailer and release date

super meat boy forever trailer and release date windows linux

Super Meat Boy Forever now has a new trailer and a release date for Linux, Mac, Windows. Since the games not only coming to Steam and other online retailers, but also the Epic Store. That might trigger some people. What, really? Linux? Well…

So according to the recent Twitter post, Super Meat Boy Forever is coming to consoles and the Epic Game Store in April 2019. But for Steam, a release will be taking place until April 2020.

Release Date:

Relentlessly difficult it is fun, Super Meat Boy is one of those early success stories on Linux, Mac and Windows. So even if you mess up the platforming, there is always something impressive about Meat Boy sacrifices. Since that’s exactly what it’s all about, seeing his bloody remains on the ground. And now, Team Meat are back with the sequel, Super Meat Boy Forever.

Releasing in 2019 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOS, Android, PC and apparently Linux too. The game looks to expand upon the platforming of the original by adding other movement mechanics such as sliding and air dashing. On top of that, you’ll now have enemies that you’ll have to punch and kick out of your way as you manoeuvre between sawblades and other over-the-top obstacles.

Super Meat Boy Forever new Trailer (Linux, Mac, Windows)

So this time around the story focuses on Meat Boy and Bandage Girl settling down and having a daughter, Nugget. While things all seem peaceful, until ntagonist, Dr. Fetus, returns again. Now kidnapping Nugget. Therefore it’s up to Meat Boy and Bandage Girl to battle through 7200 levels (this is confirmed on Twitter). Battling huge bosses while working to get Nugget back, hopefully defeating Dr. Fetus in the process.

Linux release date:

Therefore, if that new trailer does not get you hyped. The downside, the lack of a Linux release date and the game also coming to Steam in April 2020, a bit disappointing. Making the wiki page a bit convoluted. I’m a bit surprised to see the Epic Store getting priority here.

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