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Thimbleweed Park point and click release date set for 2017

thimbleweedpark release date for linux mac windows pc new trailer

With 2016 half over and E3 staring us in the face, here is the latest info on Thimbleweed Park. The new #adventure #game from #ManiacMansion creators Ron Gilbert and Gary Winnick. Therefore the game will release on Linux, Mac, Windows PC, Xbox One, iOS and Android in early 2017.

The Plot Thickens
Thimbleweed Park is the story of two detectives who arrive in the strange town of Thimbleweed Park to investigate a dead body found in the river… but is that really what it’s all about? As this new teaser video suggests a lot more to the mystery than meets the eye:

Interface Tweaks
When Ron and Gary Kickstarted Thimbleweed Park, they aimed to recapture the simpler days of point and click classics like Maniac Mansion and Monkey Island, right down to the stalwart verb-based interface. But this is not a game designed in the 1980’s — it’s a game developed to feel like one. Technology moves on and allows for small changes, yet still remaining true to our memories and the spirit of the games played and loved in the 1980’s.

Sometimes little things matter, like removing the black bar behind the verbs and tweaking the font. (Players who are purists can switch back to the Maniac Mansion-style UI if they prefer it!) Check out the latest interface tweaks to see what we mean.

Thimbleweed Park is going to be available at E3 2016 this month, so more content will be available soon.