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Abstract Initiative with movement based puzzles

abstract initiative with movement based puzzles on linux and windows pc release date

Abstract Initiative tests you with movement based puzzles with a release date for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to the creative efforts of developer Concept Equals. The games coming to Steam.

Abstract Initiative is a first person platformer. Due to release on September 6th. Which also comes with movement based puzzles. Since you have the ability to forcefully move and wield objects. Not unlike a game like Portal. But here you use the prototype EMG tool.
All experiments will be done in the newly built offshore test rooms. Which is also an alternative to the setting of Portal 2. We do not know much about the plot of the game. Only that the unique environments require you to be creative and original. So check out the trailer and neon based environment.

Abstract Initiative Trailer (Linux, Windows PC)

Since do not have any new Linux first person puzzle games. The unique movement based puzzles look inspiring. Even thought the trailer just highlights the gameplay. I’m eager to explore the story and brave the challenge.

Experiment Types:

  • Initiative: Navigate through puzzling levels
  • Agility: Charge through obstacles and beat the clock
  • Ascent: Build and climb your way to the top in Abstract Initiative. All while using creative techniques
  • Factory: Create huge structures with unlocked objects. These all come in various shapes and sizes


  • Fully physics based: Place objects however and wherever you want
  • Multi function: Push, pull and hold objects. Then wield objects with the EMG tool
  • Buildable: Stack objects to climb and reach new heights
  • Adaptable: Complete experiments in a variety of ways
  • Substantial: Over 45 different tests to complete in Abstract Initiative
  • Modern: Clean and neon colored settings
  • Unlock: 1000 objects and over 20 different object types
  • Upgrade: You can also level up the EMG tool with energy collectables
  • Solve: Complete the Initiative code
  • Simple: Since the controls are easy to learn
  • Input: Controller, mouse and keyboard support

Abstract Initiative first person platformer is now due to March 31st 2020. The release date is delayed from the fall 2019 debut. The price has also not been finalized. But the games coming to Linux, Mac and Windows PC. So make sure to Wishlist on Steam.

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