Aground survival game release worth playing

aground survival game release worth playing on linux mac windows pc

Aground is a new survival game is worth playing on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Fancy Fish Games. Who releases the game on Steam with Very Positive reviews. And its also available on with a Steam key.

Fancy Fish Games has launched their mining, crafting and survival game Aground. That is also doing rather well on Steam. With 83% Very Positive reviews. While including much more content than the free version. The Aground launch build also includes co-op multiplayer (up to 4 players). As well as two official translations (more to come). Above all, there is modding support, two backer planets, the complete science and magic paths. And there is still much more.

The free version of Aground, was available on web portals. Such as Kongregate, Newgrounds, and Armor Games. While continuing to draw thousands of plays every day. Now evolving into a more robust and complete version of the game.

Aground Launch Trailer

Aground was designed to incorporate the fun of creation and discovery. While paying homage to games like Starbound and Terraria. Combining this with the slow and steady build-up of new features. So that different mechanics in game like A Dark Room offers up something different.

The team aims to keep players continually surprised. With exciting new options opening up around every corner. So by the end of the game, even though there are a lot of systems and complexity. Since everything has been built up bit-by-bit. This will all be easily manageable.

Also, the success of Aground reflects on the teams commitment to player feedback. Making the game a community effort from the very beginning. Therefore, it’s time to stream your gameplay. Get on social media, join a multiplayer game online. And of course, keep exploring.

Aground new survival game for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Which is also priced at $11.24 USD, including a 25% discount until April 24th on Steam. Even more of a reason to make the game worth playing. But at regular price on

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