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An Everyday Story with a heartfelt twist

an everyday story story-driven puzzle platformer game for linux with windows pc

An Everyday Story story-driven puzzle platformer game for Linux with Windows PC. The credit goes to the brilliant minds at Cactus Production for their unique creativity. Due to make its way onto Steam.

Cactus Production is ready to introduce a new game demo of their latest creation, An Everyday Story. Doing so during Steam Next Fest that’s kicking off today. This will be a Windows PC build, but plays well on Steam via Proton 7.0-6.

An Everyday Story is a charming 2.5D story-based platformer. To keep it simple, you basically get to experience the life journey of a man through a side-scrolling setup. It’s like flipping through a photo album since you can dive right into those memories. Which is due to create further memories on Linux.

Also, I would love to implement the Linux support but we’ll have to test it out in the next couple of months and it will be displayed on the Steam page when and if it will be available.

Here is the email response from Cactus Production. They have expressed their interest in providing native support for their game, An Everyday Story, but they would like to conduct some testing first. As mentioned, the developer will soon show support on the Steam page. Additionally, since game development is using Unity 3D, it is highly compatible with Linux through Proton, even at this stage.

An Everyday Story – Announcement Trailer

So, An Everyday Story will have you explore this man’s life through the eyes of three tiny toys. These aren’t just any toys though; they hold a lot of sentimental value as they were either given to the man by someone special. Or he gave them to someone he cared about a lot. You get to see the sweet moments and the not-so-great times from his childhood till his last day.

The main idea behind An Everyday Story is to show you the ups and downs of life. Including, dreams and desires, forgiving others, remembering the past, the feeling of nostalgia, and the importance of family.

As you move through the memories of the story-driven puzzle platformer, you’ll be controlling these tiny toys. Each has its own superpowers and vulnerabilities. The common feature is that they are small and delicate.

The Tin Soldier in An Everyday Story is pretty well-balanced. It’s okay with fire and water and can use a grappling hook (only attaches to metal stuff). You can shoot a sucker (like a sticky dart gun) and glide down slowly with a parachute. Even light up dark places with a lighter.

Playing the Bat Origami in An Everyday Story, it is very agile but be careful with fire and water. It can glide in the air, do a double jump, and even squeeze under closed doors or slide through small gaps.

Lastly, there’s the Wood Ship which isn’t fast but it’s perfect for water. It can move stuff around with its anchor and can smash things to make new paths.

So, get ready to embark on a story-driven puzzle platformer journey with An Everyday Story. Don’t forget to add it to your Steam Wishlist. The current Windows PC Demo is playable on Linux via Proton. The 2023 release date is still TBD.

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