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Blood Opera Crescendo launches on Kickstarter

blood opera crescendo launches on kickstarter with demo for linux and windows pc

Blood Opera Crescendo 2D investigative adventure is now on Kickstarter for Linux and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Kibou Entertainment who just launched the crowdfunding campaign. Seeking a goal of €10,000 ($11,144 USD) by August 22 2019.

Blood Opera Crescendo is grim 2D investigative adventure. One that also takes place in the 18th century. Since this is a time of classical music in a baroque style. With trickery and horrible murders. So yes, this is a unique music focused thriller adventure.

Gameplay combines the classic analytical mechanics. Since the game reflects on the series, Ace Attorney. But taking place in a strong atmosphere. While blending the elegance of classical music and gory horror. Also creating a very unique setting.
So think the Austria of the 18th century. In the baroque period style. Complete with an tense backdrop of a sleazy tale of sin and murder.

Blood Opera Crescendo – Kickstarter Trailer (Linux, Windows PC)

The gameplay is also inspired by the Persona franchise. Doing so in the roll of an orchestra director. Which is also a skilled composer, Heinrich Steiner.
So you will face questioning and be mislead. While you find the secret behind a trail of bloody murders.

The Blood Opera Crescendo Kickstarter campaign comes with a demo. One that features around an hour of gameplay. This will let you explore the unique setting of the game.


Linux Demo

Windows Demo

Features include:

  • A grim and elegant single player adventure. Blood Opera Crescendo is a journey through the Baroque era. But you are also on the trail of a murderer. One who transforms human beings into musical instruments
  • A refined soundtrack full of classical music treasures
  • 8-10 hours of gameplay in the full game
  • Question, deceive and solve the mystery. And don’t get arrested!
  • Uncommon adventure game mechanics
  • Languages: English, Japanese, Italian

Blood Opera Crescendo launches on Kickstarter for Linux and Windows PC. So make sure to give Demo a try. The games due to release in June 2020. Make sure to Wishlist on Steam as well.

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