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Darkest Dungeon II roguelike is now Verified

darkest dungeon ii roguelike game update brings verified steam deck and linux support with windows pc

Darkest Dungeon II roguelike game update brings Verified Steam Deck and Linux support with Windows PC. Thanks to Red Hook Studios for pushing the boundaries. Available to play on Steam along with Positive reviews.

Let’s delve into the newest updates to the world of Darkest Dungeon II. Think of this as a guide to help you understand all the new game features without getting too deep into the details.

So, first up, there’s a thrilling new area called the “Chirurgeon’s Table”. Here, you’ll encounter two brand-new foes. One of them is “The Collector”, a returning enemy who’s always on the lookout for treasures. The other, “The Gaunt Chirurgeon”, is special since it was co-created with a fan named Sam.

As you Darkest Dungeon II journey through different terrains, watch out for Champion enemies. These are the elite bosses you sometimes meet in adventures. They’re tougher and will keep you on your toes, but defeat them, and you’ll earn some unique rewards.

Now, the torches you use have an upgrade, making your Darkest Dungeon II journey a bit more challenging. But also more exciting. This revamp is all about giving you more ways to strategize and play smarter.

Darkest Dungeon II – Launch Trailer

Big news for those who prefer using controllers: You can now use them to navigate through the Darkest Dungeon II adventure! Plus, if you’ve got a Steam Deck, it’s fully Verified now. Since it’s all about playing the game how you want to.

There are other tweaks that have been made. For instance, when in battle, it’s clearer now when monsters are going to take extra moves. This will help you strategise better. Plus, some monsters have new skills, and some old ones see changes to keep things fresh.

Additionally, Darkest Dungeon II gets some unique items that can be found after defeating particular enemies. For example, there’s an “Appalling Apron” and a “Spiked Skullcap” that you’ll find only at the Chirurgeon’s Table.

On the topic of items, there’s a feature called “Infernal Flames”. These are special torches that change the rules a bit when you’re exploring. It spices up the challenges and keeps you focused.
Lastly, some little bugs and errors have fixes, which means a smoother adventure for you on Linux.

Darkest Dungeon II has expanded its roguelike horizons with this update. There’s more to explore, new challenges, and fresh ways to play. Available to play on Steam Deck and Linux with Windows PC. Priced at $29.99 USD / £25.12 / 29,24€, including the 25% discount on Steam. So dive in and enjoy the enhanced adventure, and always remember, strategy is key.

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