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Divinest Light a puzzle platformer worth playing

divinest light the atmospheric puzzle platformer is worth playing via linux gaming mac and windows pc

Divinest Light the atmospheric puzzle platformer is worth playing via Linux gaming, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to developer Gleb Mirolyubov. Which is already available on Steam with decent reviews.

Divinest Light is a single player experience with an emphasis on the original plot. While including shadow avoidance game mechanics as the character can only survive under the Light.

So here’s the plot, you are descended onto earth by the Divinest Light. Your past is unclear, but the Light gives you the strength to proceed through the darkness of the void. Likewise, it is your task to embrace it and try to uncover the secrets of this single colored world.

Divinest Light – Release Trailer

Divinest Light also implements a seamless transition between the menu and gameplay. Creating a greater increase in immersion. Also, there is almost no text in the game. So keep an eye out for the small informational hint in the main menu. Thus, everybody can play the game regardless of the language they speak. Including English, German, Russian, Italian, Portugese, and Portugese – Brazil. Along with French, Spanish, Chinese (Simplified), Chinese (Traditional).

Taking place in a mysterious and dark world. Divinest Light unique shadow avoidance mechanic will keep players on point. Since it is up to you to stay in the light. Not to mention a speechless but deep and philosophical story. This comes with a few biblical references. A short linear game, which can be completed in about an hour.

But the main feature of the gameplay immersion. Divinest Light lacks having too much text. So instead of keeping players reading through content trying to make viable choices. This means you’ll have more time to experience the puzzles. Maybe somewhat similar to that of Limbo, yet different. Sorry, no spoilers.

Divinest Light puzzle platformer was released on Steam a couple of months ago in Linux gaming, with Mac and Windows PC. Currently available for $4.99 USD/€3.99/£3.99.

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