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Light Fall action adventure game release update

light fall action adventure game release update for linux mac windows game 2017

Enter immersive 2D platformer Light Fall’s forgotten world of Numbra. Where darkness prevails over light. As you wander through the Lunar Plain. Also venturing into the the Marshlands of Sorrow. While facing the exotic wildlife of the Vipera’s Forest. While your one ally is an indispensable tool, the Shadow Core.

The Shadow Core is at the center of what makes Bishop Games’ Light Fall a one-of-a-kind platformer. Since you control the platform. Yet this innovative game mechanic redefines how players navigate vertical. As well as horizontal terrain from a 2D perspective.
So players encounter the Shadow Core at the beginning of your adventure. And since the origins of this magical box are unknown. It possesses mystical properties that are highly useful during your journey.

Before going any further, we need to update everyone. Do note that Light Fall is coming Mac and Windows. A Linux build for this Unity 3D game is somewhat up in the air. Well at least for now, here’s the official 2017 update:

“I’m afraid we’re pretty much at the same state as before regarding the Linux port. I believe we’ll be able to say more sometime around February, which is around the time I’m expecting to do more tests on the platform.”

Light Fall – Teaser:

The Shadow Core can be summoned at any time beneath your feet and can be applied as:

  • A mobile platform that you can use to jump on or wall hop off of
  • A shield to block incoming projectiles and missiles
  • A key to solve puzzles, unlock gates and disarm traps
  • A gear to operate machinery, windmills and other broken objects
  • A counterweight and leverage to be used in elevators

So ultimately, it’s up to you. Since you must decide how to best leverage the power of the Shadow Core. Braving the many challenges and foes standing in your way. With the Shadow Core, you become the master of your surroundings. Creating your own path.

Developed by Canadian indie studio Bishop Games, and ahead of its March 2018 release (on Windows PC, Mac PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch), Light Fall is becoming one of the most anticipated indie games of next year with multiple industry accolades. Earlier this month, Light Fall won Best Hardcore Game at the Game Connection Development Awards at Game Connection Europe 2017 during Paris Game Week.

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