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Endless Mode free expansion live for Frostpunk

endless mode free expansion live for frostpunk on windows and linux

Endless Mode is a free expansion for Frostpunk on Windows, which does work via Steam Play on Linux. So thanks to the effort of 11 bit studios. Along with this new free content comes a delicious sale on Steam, GOG and Humble Store.

11 bit studios are proud to announce Frostpunk’s most awaited expansion. So welcome to Endless Mode which releases on Windows, but playable on Linux via Steam Play. So as planned, and as promised in the development roadmap, the expansion is free for all owners of the base game. Similar to that of The Fall of Winterhome DLC.

Frostpunk Trailer – Endless Mode (Free expansion on Windows, Linux)

In the time since it was announced, Endless Mode is the expansion that has the most feedback in the forums. Also on Twitter, Facebook, and directly by email. In fact, while it was originally teased in the roadmap. The idea has taken hold within the community since the original launch of Frostpunk in April.

Forged over months at 11 bit studios, it now goes live and introduces two styles of endless play: ‘Serenity’ for the constructors who enjoy growing the city at their own pace without hard challenges, and ‘Endurance’ for survivalists looking to earn their stripes and see how long they’re able to live in the harsh cold world of Frostpunk. In both modes, new buildings are introduced to enrich the city’s architecture (including an Archives building that enables players to store lore and information in a single area), new sites can be discovered in the frostland, and new random events that may confront you with previously unknown challenges. Welcome to Endless Mode!

So in celebration of Endless Mode for Frostpunk. 11 bit studios also release a 33% discount sale on Steam, GOG and Humble Store. Which is available for Windows, but works deliciously well on Linux via Steam Play.

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