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Exception action platformer seeks support

exception action platformer game seeks support for linux and windows pc

Exception is an action platformer for Windows PC, but we have details for Linux support. Reaching out to developer Traxmaster Software with some surprising news. The games Steam release is due to release on August 13th.

Exception is an action platformer set inside an elderly woman’s computer. Which has also been crippled by malware. You can see the Windows PC irony here.
So players must battle sneaky programs. While you take control back of her computer operating system. So naturally we want to see Linux dominate here.

Linux Support:

Exception is indeed a Unity title. The engine takes a lot of knocks but deep down inside it’s an amazing tool!
I’m really interested in releasing a Linux build in the future. But want to hold off until I’m 100% comfortable handling the support issues that would arise. As I’m sure you would agree, the Linux community deserves a first class product!

So this is some good news overall. Since Traxmaster Software want to take the time ensure a quality release. You would think game development has come along far enough. Especially since Exception is using Unity 3D. That Linux ports would be a given. But more and more developers are making the switch. While learning how to port their games with Unity 3D.

Exception Gameplay Trailer (Windows PC, then Linux)


  • A New Approach to Platforming
    Two dimensional action in a three dimensional world. Entire levels transform to reveal new challenges and opportunities. Explore distant areas exposed by the shifting environment. Since each level is an elaborate puzzle. Which also unfolds as you progress.
  • Synthwave Soundtrack
    A soundtrack assembled from the very best Synthwave artists. Enjoy nearly two hours of Synthwave tracks. All from artists including Kalax and Waveshaper. It’s the perfect complement to Exception‘s retro futuristic aesthetic.
  • Challenge the Leaderboards
    Compete for the best time on your favorite levels. Since there are more than 800 Steam leaderboards. Employ diverse play-styles to top specific leaderboards. Compete for the best combat time by destroying all enemies. You can also try for a great pacifist time. While leaving your enemies unharmed.
  • Illustrated story
    The story of Exception told across 17 illustrated cut scenes. Learn about the system collapse. And the ensuing power vacuum that gave rise to a fascist virus. Since you can join a gang of four misfit software threads. All on their journey to overthrow the brutal regime. While restoring freedom to the system.
  • Upgrade your Character to Unleash Special Attacks
    Execute a variety of special attacks. String together in unique combo’s to maximize your destruction. And also collect hidden artifacts to purchase attack upgrades. Pushing the limits of your destruction.
  • Dynamic Bonus System
    Chain multiple airborne attacks to earn time bonuses. Harness your creativity to uncover the fastest level routes. While you seek out the best bonus potential. Aggressive attack strategies yield the highest bonuses.

Exception action platformer is due to release on Steam. Priced at $14.99 / €12.49 on August 13th. Available for Windows PC, with Linux support to follow.

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