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So it seems Red Eclipse is having a “contest” for creating an official trailer for their upcoming 1.2 release. Nothing to win (except fame), but the guys from Sauerbraten (also Cube2 engine based, like Red Eclipse) recently did the same with a quite nice result:

New official Sauerbraten trailer


So if you want to participate, have a look at their rules and check out these nice open-source tools for video capturing: GLC (short tutorial by our qudobup) and editing: PiTiVi or KDEnlive (sorry for being Linux centric here :p ).

In other news I can report that the Xonotic team is following up on their promise to report more news and developments on their Blog 🙂 Check out the latest entry for a log read and many nice pictures.
Personally I am currently most excited about the mod “Overkill” with tries to take some features of the well loved instagib mode (sadly so much that it is sometimes hard to find anything but instagib games 🙁 ) like right click laser jump etc. while keeping a variety of weapons that are a bit more appealing to non-instagib players.
Well, check out the more detailed description and pictures at the bottom of the post linked above! Oh and you can already play the mod by joining the test server with a vanilla Xonotic version (all needed files will be auto-downloaded).

P.S.: Here is a small video to show how it currently looks:


Xonotic Overkill mod (early WIP)

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