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Game Development 101: The Beginning

Apart from web designing, I’ve always had an inclination towards game development. And I’m sure many of you out there must have thought of this in the same way that I have. And from what I can tell, the most difficult part of any development is to find resources and guides to get started. So I’ll be posting my experiences and what tools/resources I found to break the ice. I hope you’ll find them helpful.

A BIG Game?… NO!

For starting game development, you always have to start small. You just can’t go and start making a AAA game (a big-budget game) with lots things which you probably wouldn’t have heard of if I mention them here. You need to go through the basics. Work your way with those and then make a move towards new things.

In any development, control over the language is one of the most basic things you need. It can be any language you are comfortable with. You just have to choose wisely because whatever you pick, you’ll have to stick to it for a fair amount of time. But once you get used to it, there will be nothing stopping you. And as your knowledge progresses, you’ll find new tools and languages comparatively easy and fast to get a grip over.

What does it take?language cloud Game Development 101: The Beginning

If you know a language, it does not necessarily mean you can do anything. You need to have an overview of how things are supposed to work. It’s all logical. It’s something that cannot be taught but needs to be inherited from the mind. But given proper seeding, can be accomplished.

A game deals with logics. And logics deal with mathematics. So at some point of time, you’ll wish you’d have paid a little more attention in your math class.

Finally, and this one’s most important, you need to be passionate towards game development. You need to put sincere efforts and dedication towards learning. It’s possible that you may not achieve a certain benchmark of quality you thought beforehand, but that’s just a learning step towards it.

On an ending note, I’ll share some of the resources/tools which I found very helpful for a lift off. There are a loads of tools available, below are just a few by my preference.

For resources, tutorials and guides:Blender logo Game Development 101: The Beginning

Game Development – Stack Exchange
– Blender Cookie

Tools:XNA logo Game Development 101: The Beginning

Blender (3D modelling tool)
XNA Game Studio + Visual Studio (IDE)

Well, that wraps it up. I’ll be posting more articles which will uncover a few more layers of game development in the next few weeks. They’ll contain more details of terms and core logics of game development and how to start using the tools and the art assets.

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