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Happy New Year from Linux Game News

Happy New Year from Linux Game News

As 2013 comes to a close, we here at Linux Game News just want to say #ThankYou to all of you, wishing everyone a very Happy New Year. 

The #game #industry is definitely paying close attention to Linux, so all your follows, likes, and comments on Twitter, Google+, and Facebookare certainly very well appreciated. Having made this past year amazing. And we look forward to further innovations, game releases, and creativity in 2014.
So, keep the comments coming. It’s your view that help point us in the right direction with posts that matter to you.

A few suggestions before 2013 comes to a complete close. The Steam Holiday Sale has caught our attention yet again:

  • Metro: Last Light is currently 66% off, make sure to get the Season Pass. The added missions and access to all weapons will keep you gaming for hour.
  • Euro Truck Simulator 2, currently 75% off, the Gold Bundle is the way to go. With more missions and giving you the chance to explore 20 hrs more driving.
  • Mark of the Ninja, 80% off right now. Which is insane. The Special Edition is by far the best value. Giving you more adventure and weapons to choose from. And, you can upgrade your existing game for $0.99. But only for a limited time.
  • Nihilumbra, only 30%  off but worth it. This is a new game, a puzzle platformer we have yet to really sink our time into. But so far it’s genius. Well worth the small investment and hours of inventive gameplay.


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