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Humble Sakura Collection Bundle faces adventure

humble sakura collection bundle visual novel adventure on linux mac windows pc

Humble Sakura Collection Bundle is the new visual novel adventure bundle for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to Humble Bundle team along with Winged Cloud. Introducing a host of solid visual novels with great reviews on Steam.

Humble Sakura Collection Bundle is a bouquet of awesome games. Also full of fox spirits, warrior elites, and dark witches. This is actually a good bundle of Winged Cloud titles. That being said, there is also a solid number of Linux games too. So out of the 20 games, 18 have support. That’s not bad. Get Sakura Dungeon, Sakura Nova, Sakura Swim Club, Sakura Fox Adventure, and more.
Since your purchase will support Direct Relief. Or a charity of your choice.

Even at the base Humble Sakura Collection Bundle Tier, paying $1 USD or more. You start with 100% Linux supported Sakura titles. Which is always my first look. If the base tier has native support, then I look over the rest of the bundle. To my surprise, these are not only top rated games. But also the difference between the middle $7.99 USD and top $10 USD Tier price is minimal. Which makes for a worthy investment.

Humble Sakura Collection Bundle (Linux, Mac, Windows PC)

humble sakura collection bundle faces adventure on linux mac windows pc games

Since the total cost for the games in this bundle is as much as $214 USD. Those Humble Bundle folks let you choose the price. So you can increase your contribution for the visual novel adventures. Which is worth it to upgrade your bundle to be honest.

As expected, all of the games in the bundle are available on Steam. While including almost 100% support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Plus you can also get 10% off your first month of Humble Choice.

Humble Sakura Collection Bundle lets you support charity. As always, you choose where the money goes. Either between the publisher and Direct Relief. Maybe a charity of your choice via the PayPal Giving Fund.

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