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Infected Shelter action RPG now live on Steam

infected shelter action rpg now live on steam in linux windows pc games

Infected Shelter action RPG is now live on Steam for Windows, but playable on Linux. Thanks to developer Dark Blue Games. This is an Early Access release. The full launch is coming in Q4 2019 on Steam.

Infected Shelter is a post apocalyptic roguelite game. The development creation of Dark Blue Games. Which is available now on Early Access. And the game works via Proton.

Infected Shelter Trailer | Available Now (Windows PC, then Linux and Mac)

About Infected Shelter

The game is a blend of different titles. Like Mortal Kombat + Dead Cells + Castle Crashers = Infected Shelter

The game is a randomly generated roguelite. Which is also a post apocalyptic action RPG shooter. While mixing in dungeon brawler qualities. Playable as a single player or local co-op for up to four players.

What’s in the game?

Infected Shelter has 154 post apocalyptic indoor and outdoor areas. Since all of them are fully active and fast paced. So each scene is violent and a complex 2D brawler. Therefore combat has lots of firearms and melee weapons. There are 150 blueprints to unlock new weapons. Also new clothes, skills and relics. Plus RPG like character improvements. With 48 character traits and 2 totally different, customizable playable characters. – 15 guitars – 15 wheelchairs – 12 pets – 46 drinks – 30 active items – fully supported singleplayer campaign – local co-op with up to 4 players

Since you play as a member of a surviving group. One fateful morning you awake to find the shelter is raided. Your people are kidnapped for reasons unknown. Leaving your shelter you emerge into the harsh infected land. So you start looking for the kidnappers. And also the truth behind the events

Infected Shelter is now available on Steam for Windows PC. But the full release including Linux and Mac support. This is coming in q4 2019. But the games playable now via Proton via Steam Early Access.

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