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Lonely Mountains: Downhill has a release date

lonely mountains downhill has a release date mac windows then linux

Lonely Mountains: Downhill now has a release date for Mac and Windows PC, but working on Linux plans. Thanks to Thunderful Publishing and developer Megagon Industries. Due to release on Steam this month.

The official release date for the exciting mountain biking game, Lonely Mountains: Downhill. Due to release on October 23rd, 2019 via Steam. As well as on Xbox One and PlayStation 4. Supporting both Mac and Windows PC. While the Steam page does not show Linux support. Despite the Kickstarter page outlining native platform support. Let me explain the details….

So hear is the deal for Linux:

I reached out to Megagon Industries to clarify some of the Lonely Mountains: Downhill details. Since I have emails as well as other press content outlining Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Plus other content that does not show Linux, such as the Steam page.
While, this may or may not be the case at launch. The developer is under a ton of pressure for the PC AND console launch. Also anyone who pledged the campaign, don’t panic. It just means development is tight.
Their main focus is on ensuring the Lonely Mountains: Downhill native support functions well. Therefore, Megagon Industries are leaning towards a Beta branch release for Linux. But that has not been finalized.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill – Release Trailer

In Lonely Mountains: Downhill it’s just your adventure on the mountains. Start from the top of a trail and explore your way to the finish line. Once you’ve grown comfortable with that, will you brave all the rocks, trees, and narrow corridors to speed through as fast as possible to set a new record time on the leaderboards? Or, perhaps you will be all about perfection and exploration, seeing what all the mountain has to offer while trying to perfectly reach the bottom with zero crashes on record. No matter how you play it, it’s always a joyful time!

Introducing Lonely Mountains: Downhill Night Mode

Megagon Industries are also eager to announce a game mode. This will make those soon to be familiar trails all the more challenging. Introducing, Night Mode! How do you think you will fare on the tricky trails? How about with only a headlight on the front of your bike to light your path? The challenge is real, but so is the excitement. You can feel all the anticipation in the new launch trailer above.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill is coming to Steam on October 23rd. Priced at $19.99 USD / €19.99 / £17.99. Releasing on Mac and Windows PC, but with hopes of a Linux day one launch as well. So make sure to Wishlist on Steam.

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