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Shing! side-scrolling arcade action releases

shing! side-scrolling arcade action releases on linux mac windows pc

Shing! side-scrolling arcade action releases on Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Thanks to indie games studio Mass Creation. Who now launches the action on Steam with a discount.

Shing! is a tasty side-scrolling arcade action game. Which certainly pulls off a modern look and feel. While staying true to classic beat ’em up style. The game is available with a few reviews that are all Positive. And rightly so, seeing the gameplay stays fresh with the character swapping.

The development team worked to strike the best balance between complexity and accessibility. As a result, this means a unique control style designed around the right analog stick. Making it a easier to pull off angled slices, counters and aerials. So you can get fancy in all the Shing! fast paced combat. Your band of wise cracking warriors each have their own strengths. But what makes gameplay more interesting is swapping characters, instantly. Since its up to you to work through the 2D world of delicious colorful 3D artwork.

Shing! PC/ PS4 Launch Trailer

Shing! certainly delivers a classic co-op beat ’em up adventure. The game reminds me quite a bit of Shank. Due to the fact that it remains true to what fans love about the genre. While adding a few twists of its own. Pull off angled combos, counters, and parries. Face the challenge in fast paced, freestyle combat. Your band of ninja warriors can chain attacks. But you can also revive allies or strategically bank power-ups. While unleashing mayhem on upcoming bosses and in Shing! challenge rooms.


  • Play solo or with friends: 4 player local and online co-op (Online co-op available with Steam Remote Play, and Nvidia Geforce NOW).
  • Experience immersive and intuitive controls in Shing!: right analog stick controls your weapon giving you instant access to extensive moveset
  • Enjoy gameplay that never gets old: master the multilayered combat, overcome clever enemies and face epic bosses
  • Experiment with freestyle combat system: mix and match combos, switch characters on the fly and turn enemy abilities against them

Shing! side-scrolling arcade action releases on Steam. With support for Linux, Mac and Windows PC. Priced at $19.99 USD/EUR. Also offering a 10% discount until September 4th.

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