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Steam Now Supports Third-party Source mods for Linux Gamers

Only a day after the previous large stable update for the Steam client, Valve has released a small Beta update that’s quite interesting.

Most of the Beta updates for the Steam client usually bring new features and important changes, but the latest one arrives with a very important and interesting change.

According to the small changelog, Valve is now providing support for converting thrd-party Source mods to new content system, which means that most of the mods developed for Source games (Left 4 Dead, Half-Life franchise, Portal, and so on) will be available cross-platform.

In all fairness, the Windows platform also received a fix. “When entering Asian text input in the Steam embedded browser, hitting ENTER will now close the IME bar if it is empty,” reads the changelog.

You can download the Steam for Linux installer, if you don’t have the software installed already.

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